Me and Styles

Jo is 16 years old. When she was 6 her mother died mysteriously, but no one knew what happened. She's left with her horrible step-dad and her brother who has gone to collage. One day her step-dad punched her and she decided to runaway. She went to her grandmothers, who was the only one who understood her feelings. One day a certain band came to town, she didn't know much about the band but her friend got two tickets to go see them in concert. Hannah had been her best friend ever since they were able to walk and talk. At the concert Jo meets a certain someone.... READ IT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS !!!!!!


2. Hannah

It was five minutes to two and Hannah arrived at my Nans. I got my handbag and we left the house. The mall was only a walk away from my nans house so we didn't need a lift. The first shop we went to was Hollister witch was our favorite shop EVER !!! I bough a hoddie and a pair of cute shorts. Hannah bought a bright summery pink dress, it really suited her. We went to different shop but then began to feel hungry so we went to NANDOS. Hannah kept telling me she has GREAT news to tell me but she said she'd tell me when we ate.

I went and ordered our food and walked back to the table. "Hannah tell this news you have, you said you'd tell me when we ate!!" i say desperate to know. "OK!!!ONE DIRECTION TICKETS ARE GOING ON SALE IN TWO DAYS!!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING NEWS!!??"she shouted at me. "Who??" i asked. She nearly ate the head off me when i said that!! She explained the whole x factor story and she went on about how AMAZING they were. She also told me to search them when i got home. "So i'm going to buy us two tickets ok??" she asked. "em ok i guess" i said.

Harry's POV:

"We have a concert in Dublin in a week" Liam said. We were having a tour kind of thing around Ireland and the UK, we were in Niall's at the moment and we had a concert here tomorrow night. Niall was super excited about the concert tomorrow night because all his friends from his old school were coming to see him preform. We were sitting in the living room watching Toy Story 3 (Liam's suggestion) and I was nearly falling asleep so i told the boys i was going up to bed. I walked into my room with i was sharing with Louis and took out my iphone and went on twitter, "Hey guys, going to bed now, good night directioners!!" i tweeted. A few seconds later i got a mention from @Louis_Tomlinson "Go to sleep HAZZA!!" he's such a messer. "Watch the movie BooBear!!" I answered and turned off my phone. i was supper excited for the concert tomorrow.


(I know it's short but i'll have more for the weekend!!!)

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