All Alone, On My Own


2. Lilly


“Yes Ma, I will be fine” moaned a small girl of 16 called Lilly. Her mousey brown was in a high ponytail, the clothes she were wearing, did not fit her, they were hand me downs from Lucy her big sister. Her mum Perrie and her dad Harry are going out for the night and she was to be left on her own for the night. Freedom, at last!!  “Now, no parties, no drinking, and definitely no boys around tonight” wined Harry, “Of course dad, I was just going to do my homework and practice my song” Harry and Perrie left the house, what did her parents think she was going to do? They obviously don’t trust me. Now what homework do I have?  Just then her mobile started to play ABBA’s Waterloo song, it was only Kris, her brother “Hey Lils, Mum and Dad told me to come and check on you, I will be there in five minutes” phew it is just Kris and not Will. I like Kris, he makes me laugh. In five minutes, Kris came around, just like he said. “Hey Kris,” smiled Lilly, Kris is perfect boyfriend material, the way how his short brown hair was spiked and the way his black waiters shirt was button up over his perfect abs. Why does he have a girlfriend?  “You are working tonight?” Kris looked at her like she had just stated the obvious, in which she had, “Course I am, now don’t do anything, and I mean anything stupid okay? Mum and Dad will not be back until tomorrow morning, what song have you chosen to sing?”  I had to think for a moment “I am not sure yet, what song do you think I should sing?” I couldn’t help but look at his beautiful eyes and gaze into them. For dinner, Kris cooked my favourite meal, Pasta with Beans and Cheese. Yummy!!!! Yet I still can’t help but gaze into his beautiful blue eyes. “Thanks Kris” Kris looked at me like I was an alien, “No problem Lils”


After Lilly had eaten her meal, she turned her iPod up, full blast and found her song which was Salute by Whitney Huston and she started to sing along. “Soldier girl in my world/ I took the fall now I stand tall/For the pain and all, I made it through/And now I'm about to say to you/Salute, salute” You know what?  I can sing this song. Lilly got the lyrics of the internet and put on the song again and with the lyrics, she sang along, nearly word perfect. I suppose I better do my homework now. She got her homework down and started to do it, when her mobile started to play N-Dubz’s We Dance On, which could only mean one thing. She had a text from Will, Kris’s twin brother, the text said “Kris asked me to text you too see if you are alright, I know you would be, but Kris don’t believe me as he worrries all the time” Will  would not have text, this because he is in prison, maybe, oh no, he can’t have? Can he?   Lilly starts to worry and wants to call her mum and dad, but would they believe her believe her? 

Lilly fell in to panic mode and called the only person, she knows that will calm her down. Kris. Lilly dialled Kris’ number, it rang and it rang, Lilly then realised that he was at work. I’ll try his work number. Lilly rang Kris’ work number, “Hello, Opps and Daisies Restaurant, how can I help?” Lilly trembled and spoke “Is Kris there please?” the person on the other end spoke “He is unavailable right now, can I take a message?” How rude, no please. “Can you please just say that Lilly called and to call me back as soon as possible, please?” The man on the end of the phone hung up, so quickly that he did even say good-bye to tell her that he will. Half an hour later her mobile rang, it was Kris. Thank god. “Hello? Hello?” the person on the end said. “Hello Kris, how are you?” Kris paused for a while, “I am alright thank you. You called?” Should I tell him or not?  Lilly decided to tell Kris in the end. “Kris, you know how Will is in prison?”  Kris could not believe his ears, he was told to not tell Lilly, but he did anyway, she had the right to know. “Yes I do. What’s up?” Lilly took a long, deep breath and then spoke “He texted me.” Kris could hear the panic in her voice and as he did he called to his manger “I am going home, we have a family emergency” Kris had put down the phone and was well on his way by Lilly had even registered what was going on.


By the time Kris was in the house, Lilly was having a panic attack. She often got this if something bad had gone wrong, like having flashbacks, which she should not be having. Kris was calming her down, by doing what he had been taught to do, which was deep breathing with Lilly. “Show me the text please“Kris said as calming as he could. I can’t show him. Lilly slowly shocked her head, “Show me The Text Lilly” Kris spoke this with some force, and Lilly slowly got her phone out and showed Kris the text. “OMG! He can’t have sent that, he is prison for Christ’s sake!!” By this time, Lilly was crying hard, she clinger on to Kris like he was the only person alive.


After a few hours of Lilly crying, both she and Kris went to bed. It was for what felt like 20 minutes, when Lilly heard her phone go off, signally a text. She found her phone and saw and unknown number with a text saying. . .

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