All Alone, On My Own


1. Jamie-Leigh


In the large, airy, quiet house on the coast of Australia, Jamie-Leigh sat with her curled, sun bleached blond hair tumberling down over left shoulder, her head was resting in her hand, she was daydreaming of being free and being able to surf, but she was sitting at home, while her step-dad, Zayn, watched the football and her mum, Jessy, was at work. Faintly, from the living room, Jamie-Leigh could hear the football blearing out from the 100 inch TV and Zayn opening another beer can. He must be drunk by now thought Jamie-Leigh, just then she heard her mum’s voice in her head, Now Jamie-Leigh don’t think like that. Just then Zayn screamed “Oh Jamie-Leigh” Jamie-Leigh did not hear him. She chooses not to. An angry Zayn screamed “Oi, get your bum here now” Jamie-Leigh got up slowly, once she was up, she made no flesh was showing that was not meant to be showing and padded down down the hall to the living room. Outside the door, she stopped, tooked a few deep breaths and opened the door. “You called, Zayn?” she asked wearily. “What have me and your mom said about that? Ah?” Jamie-Leigh mumbled what sounded like a sorry, “What’s for lunch then?” Jamie-Leigh thought for a moment then said “Well we have fish, cod, burgers or sausages and I think that it is it” Jamie-Leigh did not like the cloud of thunder than had come over Zayn’s face, “Is there not any Chinese or even pizza?” by this time Zayn was shouting at Jamie-Leigh. SMACK. Jamie-Leigh felt the force of the slap before Zayn hit her, now she can taste the cold blood in her mouth. Jamie-Leigh just wanted to get out of there, she tried running, he held onto her arm and pulled her backwards, he then, with the stale breath of beer in Jamie-Leigh’s face said angrily “I want pizza go out and get me pizza” he let go of her and Jamie-Leigh ran as fast as she could, she ran outside, all that she wanted to do was to go to her mum and tell her what has happened, but she know her mum will not believe her. None of my step brothers and sisters won’t believe me, they love Zayn. She went back inside to get some money for the pizza; she took $20 of the food fund and went to get Zayn a pizza.

Jamie-Leigh walked along the coast that ran be hide her house and made her way to the Pizza Parlour on the High Street, she had to guess what Zayn wanted on his pizza, so she guessed the very spicy one, it had everything spicy on there. This will blow his mouth off and a good thing too. She knew what her mum would be thinking, but she did not care at all. She brought the pizza and made her way home, on the way home she passed her mum’s work, she really wanted to go and tell her what had happened but decided not to. Jamie-Leigh finally made it home and got the pizza ready for Zayn, she then again padded down to the living room to give Zayn his pizza, “Here you go dad” she forced out the dad, just because her mum and Zayn did say to call him ‘dad’. She laid the pizza down on the arm of the sofa and walked out of the room feeling pleased with herself. She fixed herself some lunch which consisted of a burger and some vegetables; she heard the door slam which met that Faye her youngest step-sister was home. “Dadddddddd, I’m homeeeeee!!” she called in a sing song voice, Jamie-Leigh hated the way she could waltzed into the room and be treated like a princess, just then Faye waltzed into the kitchen and asked Jamie-Leigh “Is that MY lunch?”, Faye just picked up the plate and walked out the room with Jamie-Leigh’s lunch, great, now I don’t have any lunch, brilliant, just brilliant. My 3 years younger than me step-sister is treating me like dirt. The door slammed, signalling the arrival of Ellie, her older step-sister, the other week she had turned 18. “Hi Jamie”, Ellie knows that Jamie-Leigh hated being called ‘Jamie’; she did not do anything as she know that her mum would have kicked her out. “What do you want Ellie?” a cloud of anger washed over her face, Ellie thundered “That is not how you treat your older step sister, I don’t go around treating you like dirt, do I? I don’t like the fact that you are my step-sister okay?” Jamie-Leigh knew then that she was going to be in trouble and slowly said “Sorry Ellie is just that Faye took my lunch and I was just about to eat it”, Ellie did not really care because by the time that she had finished speaking Ellie was nowhere to be seen. Brilliant, just brilliant, now my older step-sister by two years is going to tell Zayn about what happened.

Two hours afterwards, the twins, Niall and Liam, came walking in through the back door, screaming at the top of their voices because Australia won the football, half an hour after they got in Mum, Jessy arrived. Jessy is very tanned and her long, straight, light brown hair was in a high ponytail, now Jamie-Leigh knew where she got her looks from. “Hey Mum”, Jessy looked around to see who called and saw Jamie-Leigh with one of her cheeks red, from where Zayn hit her. “Hey Hun, how are you? And what happened to you?” Jamie –Leigh thought for a moment and then asked “Do you want the truth or a lie?” Jessy looked at her for a moment before answering, “The truth, I mean I want the Truth” Jamie-Leigh looked down at her feet and said softly “You won’t like what you will hear, but if that’s what you want, then here goes. Zayn hit me on my cheek” There I have said it, now I wait to see if Mum will shout at me too. “You what? Zayn would never do that, I will ask him, if I find out you have been lying to me, you know what will happen. Don’t you?” Again Jamie-Leigh looked down at her feet and mumbled “Yes Mum”, just then a very drunk Zayn walked into the kitchen and yelled “WE WON THE FOOTIE!!!!” and full kissed Jessy on the lips. Faye screamed “Get a room, wait get a whole house” Great, Mum does not believe me, that is a good sign. Not. Jessy then asked Zayn, “Did you hit Jamie-Leigh?” Zayn in his drunken state suddenly woke up and said “No of course, where did you get that idea from?” just then he realised that Jamie-Leigh was in the room and screamed at her “GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW AND DO NOT COME OUT UNTIL I CALL YOU, GOT IT?”

On the way upstairs to her room, she found her Mum’s address book. Jamie-Leigh, very so nearly turned around and gave it to her mum, but remembering what Zayn had said, went on her to her room. Quiet at last, no more screaming, no more shouting, I can finally be left alone. Jamie-Leigh, open her Mum’s address book and lefted through it and then she found something that both her Mum and Zayn have been keeping from her. She has another brother and sister. How dare they, keep that from me? When were they going to tell me? Lilly and Ben, I wonder what they are like? You know what, I will text them. . . . 

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