It's the truth.

This story is for the Crime Writing competition.
I have never written crime before, but I think it'll be a new experience.
Please write comments, and tell me what you think.

Valerie Blackner is sick and tired of being pushed about. It's about time she pushes back, but does she push to HARD?


5. Chapter 5

I gasped.

Inside the special Chinese box...

was a gun.

My heart began to beat as fast as lightning.

That was pretty impossible, but it certainly didn't stop my heart from going any faster.

I reached inside the box, and pulled out the gun.

It was a Pistol, but it wasn't normal.

It had metallic carvings engraved in the side, in chinese.

I wasn't chinese, but my grandmother was, but she was only my half grandmother.

I ran my fingers along the patterns, and placed it back in the box.

I decided to get my Chinese translating book.

I turned pages, until, finally, I found their meaning.

You'll need this one day, Valerie. Don't waste the single shot.

I bit my lip.

How could my grandma possibly know I was going to need it?

That's when it struck me.

My Grandma knew I was always going to kill someone.


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