It's the truth.

This story is for the Crime Writing competition.
I have never written crime before, but I think it'll be a new experience.
Please write comments, and tell me what you think.

Valerie Blackner is sick and tired of being pushed about. It's about time she pushes back, but does she push to HARD?


4. Chapter 4

Kimberley was by herself.

She was by the bins.

I made my way over, and she looked up.

A discusted look fell onto her face, and she stood up.

"What do you want? Your following me round like a puppy. I don't like puppies, especially with the name Valerie".

I rolled my eyes.

"I just want to se if your okay. They ditched you, and that was kinda lame, but, you actually have to get over it. You'll make it worse for yourself...-"

"Shut up!"

She reached out her arms, and pushed me to the ground.

Pain shot through my arm, and a headache formed in my head.

She knelt down and punched me in the stomache.

I curled over, tears trickling down my cheeks.

Then she got up, laughed, and stalked off, her heels clicking until finally, they were gone.

Thats when my decision was final.


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