It's the truth.

This story is for the Crime Writing competition.
I have never written crime before, but I think it'll be a new experience.
Please write comments, and tell me what you think.

Valerie Blackner is sick and tired of being pushed about. It's about time she pushes back, but does she push to HARD?


2. Chapter 1

I sat at home, watching Cold Case.

It was giving me ideas, ideas I proberly shouldn't have been considering.

I reached for the remote, but the young girl pushed another down stairs.

She screamed, and her life ended.

I bit my lip, and grabbed the remote quickly.

Why am I thinking about it, when I can do it?

I slapped my head, and the thought rolled away.

Mom gave me a funny look, and shook her head.

"If you think someone's going to kill you, don't be so silly. A life of Prison, or a deathsentance will await their future. Don't worry".

I got the shivers, and lied aabout coming down with a cold, or having a flu.

I sat on my bed, and opened the small, chinese box on my desk.

My Grandma Alice had given it too me.

I couldn't help but open it.

In a time of need, this box will be usful.

I wasn't really in the time of need, so I put it back.

I decided to call Carly.

Maybe she'd help me.

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