It's the truth.

This story is for the Crime Writing competition.
I have never written crime before, but I think it'll be a new experience.
Please write comments, and tell me what you think.

Valerie Blackner is sick and tired of being pushed about. It's about time she pushes back, but does she push to HARD?


1. Chapter 1

I watched them, a discusting feeling rolling about my body.

They were completely flawless, with amazing hair, the trick of wrapping boys around there perfectly manicured fingers, and the fact that they were always looking great, was enough to give me that feeling.

But it wasn't enough to keep my from staring.

"What you looking at, lesbo? I know were amazing, but you don't have to stand there and gwap" Kimberley spoke, rolling her ocean blue eyes.

They twinkled when-ever she was happy.

Which was when-ever they felt the need to make fun of me.

I cursed to her under my breath.

Obviously, her ears wern't at much use, because she didn't turn around and slap me round the face.

I made my way over to Carly and Lana, both of them biting their lips.

"I am sick of them doing this! It really pulls my...uh..."


"Uh, yeah. I guess. Anyway, she's always putting down" I replied, Carly and Lana nodding in unison.

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