Everything About You

Elizbeth (a.k.a Lely)- SHE LOVES ZAYN
Joie- She like's louis
Kaylinn-She like's niall
katie- she loves harry
LeeAnn- She likes liam

This story is about 5 girls going to california. Lely had won tickets and The girls get to spend a whole july with One direction.But they have to run a camp also. Everyone lieks one person but 4 of them have a problem. they All love different people Niall likes kaylinn. kaylinn loves niall and joie loves louis while louis loves joie. Find out what happens ;) Also if you have suggestions you can send me a comment. thanks Kbug1404 (a.k.a Katie)


7. Will you...

*Liam’s prov*
I couldn’t believe who I just saw. She was pretty and fun to be around. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. “Hi!” said Danielle. I looked at her and I smiled. LeeAnn went and shook her hand and said, “Hello, I’m LeeAnn, Liam’s girlfriend!” I nodded my head, I kissed Leeann’s cheek. This is going to be interesting.
*Harry’s prove*
I really love Katie. I wouldn’t have anyone better. As I went to Starbucks to pick up some coffee. I see josh and he waves for me to come over. Katie and I don’t want to put our relationship out yet, because she doesn’t want the threats. “Hey man!” josh and I fist pump and I sit down. “So how’s camp been?” “So far there’s a lot of drama but it’s been pretty awesome.” He nods and laughs, “That Katie chick is pretty hot.” I kept drinking my coffee as my jealously started kicking in. I didn’t want him to find out but I wanted him not to touch her.” Yea... She is pretty cool.” Josh looks at me and smiles, “I actually fell in love with her when I saw her at camp to give something Niall.” I accidently spill my coffee on the table because I felt very mad. “SHOOT!” I grab some napkins and start cleaning it up when josh spoke up, “ Dude… are you ok?” he gets up and puts his hand on me and I shrug it off and walk out. Furious.
*Lely prod*
Me and zayn walked hand and hand down the beach. It felt nice knowing someone liking me for me. I looked at him as he pulled his phone out and said, “Lely we need to go back to the cabin because harry is very furious he wants to talk.” I smiled and said,” Ok.” We headed back to the cabin to find harry on the couch with a serious face. One that could kill. Zayn goes and sits on the couch and says, “Harry… what’s wrong bro?” harry looked at me asked me to leave. I nodded at zayn and left the room. I wonder what’s going on.
*Harry’s pro*
“DUDE HE LOVES HER! I CANT JUST NOT DO SOMETHING!” I paced back and forth in the cabin as zayn sat on the couch and tried to calm me down. I sat down frustrated, Zayn spoke up. “Dude you need to tell josh your dating her.” I thought about it, I have to ask Katie if she is ok with this. I nodded at him and left the room towards the beach. It felt nice not having the weight of the world on your shoulders.  I lay back in the sand and looked up at the clouds. I felt the sand in-between my toes and my hair blowing the breeze. Right now, I’m just glad I’m alone.  I hear my name being called as I turned around to see Katie running at me. I open my arms up and smile and she jumps at me and we both fall backwards. “Hello!” she kisses me gently and smiles. I kissed her and smiled. “Why hello love!” I stare into her baby blues, looking deep to see a once broken girl, but now I’m mending her heart, to love me. “Katie?” “Yes harry?” I put my arm around his shoulder as we sit by the water. Perfect. A moment I’ve wanted to do for a while.  No one has known this. Except me.  I get down on my knees in front of Katie. “Kaitlyn Mellise Cannon, Will you...-“

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