Everything About You

Elizbeth (a.k.a Lely)- SHE LOVES ZAYN
Joie- She like's louis
Kaylinn-She like's niall
katie- she loves harry
LeeAnn- She likes liam

This story is about 5 girls going to california. Lely had won tickets and The girls get to spend a whole july with One direction.But they have to run a camp also. Everyone lieks one person but 4 of them have a problem. they All love different people Niall likes kaylinn. kaylinn loves niall and joie loves louis while louis loves joie. Find out what happens ;) Also if you have suggestions you can send me a comment. thanks Kbug1404 (a.k.a Katie)


20. The end <3


*Harry’s POV.*

I saw Katie’s dress I literally got turned on by one look, I tried to hide it but gosh. I looked at Zayn, he had a huge boner. I laughed and started walking towards our rooms, I didn’t stop looking at her in till I saw Zayn hit the wall and I pulled his shirt back down the hall. I rolled my eyes and whispered to him, “Dude, Tonight’s a perfect night for 3 things. Me and Katie’s night, the locket, and the song. My life is complete.” I sighed looking through the closet and I looked at Zayn, he looked sad “What’s wrong?” he shrugged, “I think tonight’s also a perfect night for me and Lely.” I smiled, “She will love whatever you give her!” he smirked I laughed, “Your so perverted.” I hit him a soft punch, and got my tux it looked like this for me and Zayn:


I decided for the other guys to bring their dates in a separate limo, so I and Zayn can be in the same limo, but in two separate parts. Super long limo it looked like this:


I watched as the girls stood up and looked at us, I knew Katie was staring because I never really dressed up for something like this. But it’s a special night, for the both of us. We walked them outside, arm and arm, and I heard something silent but beautiful. Humming? But from where? I look at Katie and I see her smiling and humming a song. “Katie, Sing for me?” she shook her head turning red and looking down. I stopped and saw Lely and Zayn smiling getting into their part of the limo, “Katie? Is there something you’re not telling me?” She smiled, “You will find out soon.” She walked away and I watched her, what did she mean by that?

*Zayn’s POV.*

Once me and Lely got into the limo, I kissed her neck and I heard her giggle, “Zayn save it for later.” I smiled, “I don’t think I can, at all.” I laid her back on the limo seat and kissed her. I started moving my hand up her dress, she wrapped her arms around me and I felt the limo move. I whispered, “It better be later. Or there will be consequences.” I winked at her, and she nodded.  I saw where we stopped at the little fancy restraint, the other guys had their girls and were waiting on us. I saw Niall had his guitar, this was about to get interesting. I’ve never sang alone I’ve always sang with the boys. But it’s different now that I have Lely, this girl has no idea how much I love her, every day I might say I love you or kiss her but I don’t think she really knew that she was beautiful and lovely. As I took her hand and help her out I looked at harry and winked, he knew what I meant. I looked at the other girls and say what they were wearing and the boys:



I went up to the waiter and told him my name, Zayn Malik; Hopeful soon Lely would have this last name. I smiled at her kissing her cheek; the waiter took us towards a booth big enough for everyone. I looked at the guys and they nodded, “Hey babe me and the boys will be back.” She nodded kissing me, this kiss needed to last forever to me. I smiled and walked away hoping now the guys can get their chances to show their love.

*Niall’s POV.*

I was nervous as heck when I saw Kaylinn in that beautiful dress, I didn’t want to touch her because I thought I might ruin her. She’s my princess, and I love her I just need to show her. As me and the guys are sitting in the back, the guys agreed I would go first singing, Give me love by Ed Sheeran. The boys and he are really close friends, and I love a lot of his songs. As I looked outside the curtain I saw Kaylinn laughing with the girls. I started getting nervous and I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I jumped and turned around to see Zayn, “Hey, Calm down, you love this girl and she needs to know this.” I heard my name being annoced and I looked at Zayn, I sat on a stool as the light was shining on me, “Kaylinn, I love you. And I can prove it.” I started strumming my guitar, and it sounded like this:


Give me love like her,

'cause lately I've been waking up alone,

Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,

Told you I'd let them go,

And that I'll fight my corner,

Maybe tonight I'll call ya,

After my blood turns into alcohol,

No, I just want to hold ya.

Give me love.

As I sang that I saw tears form in her eyes, I finished the last verse in the chorus and I felt arms around me and it was kaylinn, she kissed me and I put my hands around her face kissing her passionately. I stopped kissing and whispered, “I love you forever...-“she smiled and whispered back, “and always.” And we kissed as we walked back to the table.

*Louis’s POV.*

I didn’t want Joie to hate me, I loved her too much. And I don’t like it when we sometimes fight, I have to show her I care even if we fight and bicker. I went on stage after Niall, “Joie, this is for you.” I was about to start singing, I won’t give up by Jason Mraz. This was it:


I sang intil the end and then I looked Joie straight into her eyes and said, “I won’t give up on us Joie.” She smiled and came up bring down from the stage, “I won’t either Louis.” I felt a rush of happiness go through me.

*Liam’s POV.*

Leeann and I have been through a lot, we had broken up once and of course we got back together in a day. But I was in so much pain, that I felt like I lost something important. And I did, I lost Leeann, and I never want that happening again. I picked the song she is love by Parachute, I thought it would be perfect for me to sing to Leeann.


I wanted Leeann to know that she has given me so much. I didn’t deserve it, as I finished and said, “I love you Leeann you don’t know how much I do.” She smiled and ran up to me and kissed me, “Liam, I love you more.”

*Zayn’s POV.*

I watched Lely, she was beautiful tonight. I starting singing Hero by Enrique Iglesias, I want to be Elizabeth’s hero.  As I finish, I looked out to see Lely gone, I sighed maybe she didn’t like it. I felt a tap on my shoulder, as I turn to see Lely Jump on me putting her arms around my neck. “Zayn, you’re perfect to me. You will always be my hero, forever.” As he pulls out a retangleir box he gave her a necklace and she started crying, tears of joy. The song:


*Harry’s POV.*

The nerves were finally getting to me, I was sitting on the ground watching Lely and Zayn have their moment. I couldn’t believe I was doing this; I opened the box one last time to see if the necklace was still as perfect as I got it. I had put a picture of when I and Katie went to the dinner date and I smiled, that’s when I asked her to come on tour.  I put it back into the box and got up; I decided I was going to sing, Isn’t Lovely? By Stevie Wonder. I thought that Katie is more than lovely but I loved this song. I walked on stage and thought about her beautiful curly hair and her pink dress; I loved that color on her. But I saw her look at me and smiled, my hands started getting sweaty and I finally spoke into the microphone, “I’ve been engaged to this… lovely lady in the back there,” I pointed to Katie she turned red, “And I’m going to sing her a song that I think would be nice.”  I started singing the song I knew that made me fall even more in love with Katie, Isn’t she Lovely? By stevie wonder


As I finished, I looked at Katie, she was smiling really big. I walked over to her opening the box and saying, “Katie will you love me Forever?” she cried and wrapped her arms around me saying, “you forgot always.” I started crying and I knew that im spending the rest of my life.

(End of book, sequel coming soon)

Message from the Writer

Thanks so much for reading the sequel will come soon.

<3 Mrs._Styles

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