Everything About You

Elizbeth (a.k.a Lely)- SHE LOVES ZAYN
Joie- She like's louis
Kaylinn-She like's niall
katie- she loves harry
LeeAnn- She likes liam

This story is about 5 girls going to california. Lely had won tickets and The girls get to spend a whole july with One direction.But they have to run a camp also. Everyone lieks one person but 4 of them have a problem. they All love different people Niall likes kaylinn. kaylinn loves niall and joie loves louis while louis loves joie. Find out what happens ;) Also if you have suggestions you can send me a comment. thanks Kbug1404 (a.k.a Katie)


2. Gotta be you

As we headed out towards the Camp, Harry sat in the middle with me and joie in the cab. As I looked out the window Harry was talking to the cab driver. Joie was chewing gum. She couldn’t help but notice that the Camp was getting huger as they got closer.
As we pulled up to our rooms we girls planned on who was sleeping with whom. Lely, Leeann, and Joie were sleeping in one room and me and Kaylinn in another.
“Kaylinn, I was wondering something. How do you know when a guy likes you?” Kaylinn gives me a strange look and says, “When he gives you signs that he is interested in you. Like he looks at you a lot when you think you’re not looking at him. He will try to get to know you. Maybe even ask you for your number.” I unpack my stuff and sit on the bed. Looking at a picture of Harry on my phone and sighs. “Kaylinn?” “Yea.” “What are we doing today?” “So far nothing from what I heard.” I nodded and went outside the door and looked over at the sunset. I wished for Harry to know how I felt.
“Dude, Harry you need to get over this.” Harry looked up at Liam and Zayn. I saw her and the girls leave to go get something to eat. “I can’t explain to her how I feel.” Louis comes out from their room and says, “Well either now or never?” As Harry went inside the room and thought about what Louis said he couldn’t stop thinking about Katie.
LeeAnn and Liam walked down to the beach after supper everyone else went to the mall. As they sat down by the shore. Liam asked her, “Would you like to be my Girlfriend, LeeAnn?” she sat there and then smiled, “Yes” he kissed her cheek and looked out into the sunset. Perfect setting, perfect timing he thought.
“Joie and Katie lets go down to the beach for a swim?” asked Niall. Louis looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back.  As we went down to the beach Niall held Joie’s hand and me and Louis walked by each other. “So do you like harry?” “I-I think he is ok, why do you ask?” “I don’t know I was just wondering.” I looked around wondering where harry was in the first place. Then Lely came over with Zayn holding hands and smiling. She sat down and we all started talking about random things.
Liam and LeeAnn and Harry and kaylinn came over after a while and we decided where to go to dinner. Taco bell was the closet and the cheapest and I loved it. As we got into a van everyone just started talking as the driver was driving. “We should go to the beach tomorrow. What do you guys think?” said joie. Harry spoke up and said, “As long as I see a bikini I’m good.” I laughed at him. It was cute he wanted to see me in a bathing suit.
After a whole hour, we all went back to Camp to try to get some sleep for the big day. As I unlock the door, I looked to see where kaylinn was, she was talking to Louis. I sort of felt lonely I went inside changed into my Pajamas and got into my bed I started listening to “Gotta be you” and I fell into a peaceful slumber

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