Everything About You

Elizbeth (a.k.a Lely)- SHE LOVES ZAYN
Joie- She like's louis
Kaylinn-She like's niall
katie- she loves harry
LeeAnn- She likes liam

This story is about 5 girls going to california. Lely had won tickets and The girls get to spend a whole july with One direction.But they have to run a camp also. Everyone lieks one person but 4 of them have a problem. they All love different people Niall likes kaylinn. kaylinn loves niall and joie loves louis while louis loves joie. Find out what happens ;) Also if you have suggestions you can send me a comment. thanks Kbug1404 (a.k.a Katie)


19. Getting ready for the perfect night pt 1



I watched her, her skin was beautiful and I need her, I don’t care about who she is dating I just want her. I see her sit down next to him and kiss him. That disgusts me, it should be me kissing her and making her feel loved. Why does she date that boy, who knows nothing? I will make her my wife if it’s the last thing I do.

*Katie’s POV.*

I had a bad feeling when we got to Texas, Everyone was feeling a lot better but Simon wanted to make sure we were 100% better, I got on my twitter and checked who tweeted me, I’ve been getting threats to not be engaged to Harry or else. I have been wondering who to tell but I feel like I can’t say anything because Harry will find out. As I get off twitter I look up and see Louis walk in, “Hi.” He walks over sitting on the bed next to me, “Hey, Um I wanted to know something.” I looked at him and sighed, “Yes, what is it?” he got closer holding my hand I looked at him and blushed, why am I blushing? I had no idea. “Well... You know that kiss… when I kissed you?” I nodded my head, I kept wondering where Harry was, Louis spoke up again, “D-Did you like it?” I felt my heart skip a beat and the butterflies were scattering everywhere, “Y-Yes.” He looked at me and I bite my lip looking at him, he slowly leaned in when I got up and said, “Louis I don’t want Harry finding out, or Joie I know you love her but why do you want to kiss me?” he scratched the back of his head sighing, “Katie I’m doing it to get you out of my head.” He smiled looking down; did he really dream about me, what kind of dreams are these? “What kind of dreams do you dream about?” he turned a deep shade of red and looked away, “I-I shouldn’t say…” “Louis, Tell me, I won’t turn you down or anything.” I went over sitting on the bed, and stared at him waiting for an answer, “W-Well the one I had recently been when I and you were alone, A-And I took you to the bedroom to watch a movie but instead we sort of had…it...” I blushed looking down sort of smirking. “That’s cute Louis, B-By the way you’re not the only one who has had those kinds of dreams… I’ve had a dream about you too.

*Louis POV.*

She’s also had a dream… and about me! I stared at her for what seem like the longest time, she came over and sat next to me and said, “I-I had a dream that we also…did it. But only once!” I smiled at her and said, “I-I really liked that dream I had of us.” I saw her turn red and look down; I went over to the door and shut it, locking it. I went over to her and gently pulled her head up to mine and kissed her. I felt her smile against my lips, I don’t know why but it felt right almost as if we were made for each other. I laid her down on the bed, kissing her neck and hear her say my name quietly. I start pulling her shirt up a bit and I looked at her, “W-We don’t have to, you are still Harry’s Fiancé.” She bite her lip, I don’t think she wanted to so I just kept kissing her neck, “Louis I just want my first time to be with the man… I’m getting married to.” I nodded my head and kissed her, I look into her beautiful blue eyes and I can tell her eyes were full of lust, but she didn’t want to waste her first time.

*Katie’s POV.*

Gosh, he was just so handsome and just him staring at me just wanting him badly; I wanted to tell him how I felt. But I love Harry more than Louis, I kissed Louis once more but it lasted for what seem forever. I felt his tongue go across my bottom lip, I let him in and his tongue was warm but I loved it. I kept kissing him till we heard a knock on the door, “Katie, is you and Louis talking?” I looked at him and I said, “Yes, but its private. Can you come back later?” “Sure.” I bite my lip, I had pushed him over and I got on top of him, “So why do you really want to kiss me?” I felt myself getting turned on and I had to hold it back, “C-Cause I really like. You.” I saw his face stare at me and then I blush, I started kissing his neck and he bite his lip. I whisper in his ear, “I can tell you’re turned on by me.” I giggled and kissed under his ear and he groaned, I then again whispered, “Found it.” he turned red as I got off him and turned around; I saw he had a boner and got a pillow hiding it. I went to look out the window, and scream, “Louis… someone was watching us but they ran away.” I heard my phone buzz I got up and answered it, “H-Hello?” “If you ever touch him again… I’ll kill him.” And he hung up, I was certainly terrified. I got up and kissed him once more going out of the room. This was just the beginning.

*Next day*

*Harry’s POV.*

The boys thought that it would be great to take our girls on a date to show them how we really feel; each boy will do a song. I couldn’t decide on a song but I thought of my X-factor audition and thought I know this is the song, isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder. I looked at Katie as she came out of our bedroom, “Hey sweetie.” I kissed her and I felt her smile, I knew she was the one for me. I whispered to her, “Can you wear something nice tonight? The boys want to repay you guys for a great night and we have a surprise.” She smiled, “Sure! Wear pink though!” and she went into our room, she’s so cute, and I love it when we wear the same thing. I saw Zayn and Lely walk in from talking with the guys, “Hey Lely you might want to get an outfit for tonight.” At first she stared at me confused and then went to Katie and mine room. I looked at Zayn as I heard the door close, “Have you decided a song?” he nodded his head, “It’s going to be Hero by Enrique Iglesias” I knew Zayn picked it because it was slow and romantic, Lely would like it. I nodded and sort of looked down, I’ve been in deep thought of what I should do for a gift for Katie to know me and know that I love her. I thought….a locket! Of me and her! I smiled and looked up to see Zayn, “Dude perfect gift for Mine and yours girls.” He smiled and nodded and said,” Let’s go get them!” I jumped up and yelled at Katie and Lely, “Katie! Lely! We will be back before our Date tonight! Be ready by the time we get back!” Me and Zayn ran out of the bus, and we took Lely’s car, As we drove to the Jeweler store I noticed one that stood out, I asked “How much does it cost?” and he said, “$388” I smiled, “I’ll take it!” I paid for it and then I helped Zayn, “Zayn Have you found one?” he looked around and the same face I made is when I knew he found the one for her. “This one!” we paid for it and drove back. Tonight is going to be a good night.

*Katie’s POV.*

I had to; it would be like showing my love to Harry. “Lely, I’m going to sing a song to Harry!” She looks at me and laughs, “Katie remember last time you went onstage? You literally was shaking half to death!” I sighed, “I know but I’m going to do this.” “What song are you doing?” I thought about it and said, “Enchanted by Taylor Swift.” She smiled, “Perfect, now we have to get you an outfit and mine.” We started going through closets and I finally came across a wonderful dress. It looked like this:


I sighed and looked in the mirror, my hair was curled and Lely’s hair was curled too. Grabbing my clutch me and her sat on the couch, I looked at the time when Harry and Zayn walked in staring at us. “So what do you think of my outfit Harry?” he just keeps looking at me up and down, I saw him get turned on as he hide it. I looked as Zayn was also getting turned on by Lely. I looked at Lely and she smirked, “You guys should go get ready.” They both nodded not taking their eyes off us, when Zayn ran into the wall followed along by harry, still staring. He finally moved into their bedrooms getting ready, I looked at Lely and Laughed, “They are one funny men.” She agreed.

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