Everything About You

Elizbeth (a.k.a Lely)- SHE LOVES ZAYN
Joie- She like's louis
Kaylinn-She like's niall
katie- she loves harry
LeeAnn- She likes liam

This story is about 5 girls going to california. Lely had won tickets and The girls get to spend a whole july with One direction.But they have to run a camp also. Everyone lieks one person but 4 of them have a problem. they All love different people Niall likes kaylinn. kaylinn loves niall and joie loves louis while louis loves joie. Find out what happens ;) Also if you have suggestions you can send me a comment. thanks Kbug1404 (a.k.a Katie)


10. 3 words, 5 guys, 5 girls, A concert to get ready for.

*Louis’s pov.*
I just don’t feel the same way around kaylinn, it’s like me and joie have a lot more in common. As I finally got a tuxedo with a blue tie. I came out to see harry still waiting for me, I looked in the mirror and combed my hair, “Harry, what do you think?” He gets up and fixes my hair and I laugh and push his hand away and we both walk out the door.  I saw Joie and kaylinn and Katie talking and laughing. I blinked twice, joie, she was beautiful, But I had to back off. Niall has her heart, not me. I looked at kaylinn, I sighed. She was also pretty but I really liked joie. I see joie wave at me, and kaylinn walked over and hugged me. “You look handsome tonight.” She said, I nodded and smiled. It doesn’t feel the same.
*Joie’s pov.*
I felt very jealous when kaylinn hugged Louis. I wanted that to me, he didn’t look the same. He looked at me, like I think I knew what he was thinking. I looked at niall and smiled, niall isn’t my type. I have to break it off with him. And soon.
*Katie’s pov.*
I looked at harry, I giggled when he wore a pink tie. He is so handsome; I went over and kissed him. “Hey handsome.” He smiled and I looked up to see kaylinn niall and joie and Louis talking. He shook his head. “I think I know what’s going on.” He looked down at me,” I think I do to.” We walked over to the limo and got in, of course everyone followed.  Everyone looked nice tonight. I didn’t know what was going between niall joie and them, but I think I knew some of it. I saw LeeAnn sitting next to Liam smiling, I think they are back together, I saw him grab her hand and hold it. Yep, they are back together.
*Harry’s pov.*
Wow, Katie looked great in that dress; I wondered what Louis meant before we left. But I think him and kaylinn weren’t working out, he looked at joie more than kaylinn. Niall, he told me that joie wasn’t his type but kaylinn was. It made me think, let’s switch it up tonight. I grabbed my phone out of my jacket pocket, and texted zayn.
*Zayn, we need to get niall and kaylinn together. Also Louis and joie.  I’ll tell Katie to switch the girls while we switch the guys.*
I sent the message and looked at zayn, He nodded. “Hey, guys were going to blind fold the four of you; it’s supposed to be surprise. So here.” We put the blindfolds on them and as we finally came up to the restraint, we took kaylinn away from Louis and switch the two girls. We told them not to talk because it would ruin the surprise. As we sat down, each couple in different booth. We took their blind folds off and they stared at their surprise. Joie was shy so she looked down blushing. As me and Katie walked hand and hand towards our booth, Zayn and Lely came and sat down next to us.  We all looked at each and smiled.
*Katie’s pov.*
I didn’t know what was going to happen. But I think everyone is happy now. Especially, kaylinn and joie, it seemed as if they were smiling really big.  Louis I think was nervous being with joie, but it was cute. I smiled to myself and thought I really love harry. I look up to see Lely staring and smiling at me. Shoot she saw me, I turned red. She winked and turned towards Harry and zayn conversation about cars. 
*Kaylinn pov.*
Niall was so funny, he kept making me laugh, and he was so adorable. I really liked him it drove me insane that I felt as he didn’t like me. I could tell he was looking at me as I thought. “Kaylinn?” I looked up at him,” Yes niall?” He grabbed my hand; I felt my face heat up. “I-I love you.” I stared at him as he leaned forward our lips were about to touch when. “Hi, is everything ok?” I look up to see the waitress and she smiled like the joker, her face looked like she looked the joker. She bent over towards niall and said, “So handsome, are you single?” I looked at him; he looked at her and shook his head. I nodded my head and looked away feeling like I was going to cry. “Look, miss I just told this wonderful girl in front of me that I loved her. Can you please leave?” I looked at him, and smiled, I looked at her face she looked devastated. I almost started laughing. But I held it in. She walked away stomping her feet. Niall looked at me and smiled, his hair was perfect, his baby blues were shining as bright as they can, even his braces made him look very handsome.  He still held my hand and rubbed it gently, as he leaned forward slowly I stared at him as our lips almost touch someone tapped on my shoulder. It was Leeann, great. “Yes, Leeann what do you want?” She looked at me and then at niall, “Can I talk to you, just for one second? It involves us girls.” I nodded my head and got up and watched niall, he looked mad, I was very mad.
*Leeann’s pov.*
Kaylinn didn’t look too happy when I got her. “Leeann, where are the other girls?” Said kaylinn. I pointed towards the girl’s bathroom, once me and her got in kaylinn when straight to the sink top and sat down crossing her legs, and sighing. “So why are we all here?” Katie spoke up, “I’ve decided to go home...” Everyone looked at her and in shock we all said in unison,” What?!”
*Harry’s pov.*
I heard a loud noise come from the girl’s bathroom, I think zayn heard it too and we decide to check it out.  As zayn goes on the other side of the door we put our ears to hear one thing, “I said I decide to go back home.”  I knew who it was too, Katie, my heart dropped, as I listened some more I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
*Katie’s pov.*
I didn’t know what else to say, I’m moving back to Florida and I miss my family, as I walked away from the girls I open the door to see harry, crying. I started tearing up and I ran out of the restraunt, I couldn’t bare to see Harry’s face, “Katie, wait!” I turn around to see Joie and the girls run up to me. They seemed happy I wondered what had happen.
*Niall’s pov.*
I only sat there for one second and I see harry and zayn get up, Louis turned around to me and gave me a confused look, I shrugged. 5 mins later Katie runs out crying and as soon as that happen me and Louis try getting her to ask her what’s happening. But she was already gone, I see kaylinn run out to me with no breathe at all, “Niall…Katie…moving...back...Florida...” I looked at her and was amazed of what just happen, “Kaylinn I want you and the girls to come on tour with us and the boys.” Louis nodded, see smiled brightly and imidtely ran towards the girls. I heard screams and girls running out to us guys, harry just sat there saying nothing, tears rolled down his cheek. The girls looked at each other and ran out the door. Something good is about to happen. I looked at harry, and sat next to him. “Mate, she just wants to go back, doesn’t mean she is divorcing you.” He nods his head and just laid it on the table.  Katie is about to be the happiest girl ever

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