A Summer turned into Years

When Kailyn and Colleen go to London to visit Colleen's aunt for a few months will they meet a certain band and stay for longer?


3. The House


  As soon as you walk in the door its this nice tile floor. To your left there is a wall with a mirror and a table underneath it, nothing fancy. To the right there is a powder room and let me tell you it’s fancy. If you walk straight you walk into the first kitchen, the walls are blue and the counters are a nice white marble color. Also in the kitchen there is a washer and dryer. If you continue through the kitchen the you get to the sitting area or den. There it’s kind of a beach theme since my aunt loves the beach. It has two couches and a white table with chairs. That is the back of the house so there is sliding glass doors and outside there is a nice and heated underground pools complete with a diving board and slide. She also has her own little garden.   Ok so say you just in the door. If you go to the left there is a dining room table and then a couch and TV. Now when you walk in the door and go to the right there is a couple steps. To the right there is a kitchen. If you go straight it’s a fancy sitting area and another dining table. Straight across from there is her bedroom and bathroom.   There is three other bedrooms. One is mine then one has all of here work stuff and the last one is not finished yet.   Then there is the basement and that has a pool table and a weight room.   I finished giving them a tour and then we unpacked the boxes. By the time we finished unpacking it was 4:30. Our room looked awesome. When you walk in the door to your left was the bed which was king size, to the left was bookcases and shelves.Straight was a vanity,desk,and dresser. The walls were a nice orange color,kinda the shade of a sunset.Then I had nice dark wood floors,powder pink curtains with a matching comforter.   When we finished unpacking and organizing our room we all sat around on the couches.We were sitting there for about 5 minutes when my phone rings.   "Oh hi Aunt Karmen....Yea we actually made friends while we were out........You'll never guess who they are.....ONE DIRECTION.....No really here I will put you on speaker."   "HIIIIIIIIIIIII"   "see I'm not kidding told you.....Yeah we'll get pizza....you too....Be safe love ya."   "Ok she said nice to meet you guys and we can order pizza for dinner and you guys can stay if you want,she won't be home for a couple more hours."   "Yeah let's go roam the town like a bunch of fools." Louis exclaimed as he jumped off the couch and picked me up   "Louis Freakin' William Tomlinson put me down now before I bite you!"   "Do it bite me."   "You asked for it."   "OUCH did you really just freakin' bite me."   "Yup and I warned you."   "Bitch."He mumbled under his breathe.   "Mental note Colleen bites." After Zayn said that everyone lost it.   "Are we going to eat?" Of course Niall Horan wanted food.   "Well sorry Niall I don't know any places remember guys I'm not from here."   "True now I will be my little Daddy Directioner self and find us a place to eat."   "Thank you Liam you are my savior." Niall said as he hugged Liam and kissed him.   "Did you really just kiss me?"   "Yess cuz I love you LEEYUM!!"   "AWWE Kailyn I was right NIAM is real now where is my $5."   "Fine take it you bitch."   "Why am I the bitch today."   "cuz nobody likes you."   "Harold Edward Styles take that back or I will bite you."   "Fine I take it back I Love You now lets get food."   We went to a local pizzeria and got 3 large pizza's. Me and Niall had to share one that had everything on it.And the other two pizza's had pepperoini and all kinds of  meats.After we ate we went back to my aunt's house.When we got there it was 7:30."Ok so my aunt will be home at around 8 so what should we do untill then
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