A Summer turned into Years

When Kailyn and Colleen go to London to visit Colleen's aunt for a few months will they meet a certain band and stay for longer?


2. Lunch?


  Liam and Kailyn spent all lunch talking. About music. Me and Niall were the first to finish eating so we sat and talked.   “So were are you from?” “A small town in Maryland of only 1,500.” “Wow that is small so what brings you to London?” “My Aunt Karmen lives here and invited Kailyn and I to spend the summer with her an she needed a housekeeper because she travels a lot for work.” “So you’re here the entire summer.” “Yeah.” “What does your Aunt do as a job that she has to travel?” “Oh she is a hair and makeup person and she can’t find work in London so she is going to Spain to do a little work there for 2 months.” “We need a new hair and makeup person because Lou has to leave soon on Maternity leave.” “Yeah but don’t you have to speak with someone about that you can’t just invite her or offer her a job.” “True I will have to see, anyway tell me about yourself.” “I’m 18 going to be 19 September 2 I have 3 older siblings, and I am planning on going to college in Ireland to be a journalist.” “Wow that’s awesome you know Ireland is know for good journalism programs.” “Yeah that’s why I’m going there.”           We kept talking just about our life. And random things. I said it was time to go home. But Harry started to whine. Then Kailyn had a great idea and said that the boys could come over. “Umm not Kailyn sorry but we have to unpack my boxes.” “We can help you unpack boxes.” Liam jumped in. Oh thanks Liam just what I wanted to do was spend my evening packing boxes with a bunch of teenage boys. My aunt was leaving tomorrow so I guess she would be happy that I made friends but probably not with a famous boy band.   I finally gave in because we could use the help unpacking. I told them the address and we left. In one car was Louis driving, Zayn in the front passenger seat and then Niall and I in the back seat. The other car had Harry driving, then Liam in the passenger seat and Kailyn in the back.   When we arrived at the house I looked over at Niall, mouth wide open. ”You might want to close your mouth before you get bugs in it.” I laughed “Wow this place is huge.” “Yeah I guess but Kailyn and I have to share a room since my aunt uses the other rooms as offices sort of.” “That’s cool you’re a lucky girl you know.” “I guess you could say that now let’s go in and I can give you a tour.”    We all got out of both cars and headed up the steps. I got my keys out, they were just plain old silver keys. As soon as I opened the doors the boys jaws dropped and they were in awe.   
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