A Summer turned into Years

When Kailyn and Colleen go to London to visit Colleen's aunt for a few months will they meet a certain band and stay for longer?


1. An Eventful Day


Kailyn and I had just gotten off the plane in England. We were spending our summer there. My Aunt Karmen had a house there and we were fortunate enough to be staying with her. Aunt Karmen said she would meet us at the front entrance and to call her when we were at the gate. She lived in the heart of London in one of few houses that were there. When we got of the plane we realized it was pouring buckets outside.    I was expecting it to be nice and sunny so I brought all shorts and summer clothes with us. So I guess we had to do some shopping ASAP. We just gotten to her house when the rain let up. I was so glad. Kailyn and I had to share room. It was late when our plane arrived so as soon as we settled in we went to sleep as we had a busy shopping day tomorrow.   We had just woken up and it was 11 a.m. We got up late since it was a 5 hour time difference. My aunt had work that morning so we had the house to our selves. Kailyn wanted to go shopping for some clothes since we had all summer clothes. It was 12:30 when we had finished getting ready.   Aunt Karmen had two cars so she left us one to use since she thought we were old enough. I really didn’t know of any shops around so we just went a little ways into town and found a place to park so we could walk from shop to shop. We first went into this store called Topshop. I got a couple simple jackets and Kailyn got a rain coat, blazer, and  duffle coat. After that we went to North Face with they also have home so we just wanted a couple jackets from there. We also went to other stores to get shirts.   It started to pour down rain again so we started to run for the car. The streets were empty which was unusual. We were almost to the car when I ran into someone. I dropped my bags in the gutter of the street. I bent down to pick them up when I realized who I just ran into. Yes that was right it was Liam Payne from the amazing band One Direction. Me and Kailyn were huge fans of them. He helped me pick up my stuff even the shirt that fell in the street. “I am so sorry let me make it up to you, how about I buy you and your friend lunch.” I couldn’t believe I just ran into Liam Payne and now he wanted to buy me lunch.   “No you don’t have to it was more my fault I wasn’t looking were I was going.” As much as I wanted to hang out with him I didn’t want to intrude on his plans. “I won’t take no as an answer so no back talk.” And he was serious.   We were walking down the street the 3 of us, and luckily nobody was there. He said he was just going to meet the rest of the boys and we could come along for lunch. I really couldn’t believe I was going to meet the rest of the boys.   We walked into Nandos looking like drowned rats. All the boys jumped up to greet us. Zayn, being his normal quirky but cute self, comes right up to Kailyn and I and says loudly, “ Vas happening!?”  Then Harry says, “Hi, I’m Harry and you are?”  “Hi I’m Colleen and this is my friend Kailyn” then Louis blurted out “Are you Irish” Was he that dumb at times. “No I’m not Irish do I have an accent.” “Actually you do have an accent to us at least, ok lets drop this Hi I’m Louis.” “Well hi Louis now can we order food I am hungry and I think Niall is eyeing up Zayn’s arm like it‘s a chicken leg.” “yeah I agree and I like you Colleen now lets eat.” Niall said with that adorable Irish accent.   We all sat down at a booth and pushed a table up to it so we had enough seats. I  sat in between Niall and Louis, then it was Liam, Kailyn ,Zayn and Harry. We were about to order but I had no idea what they had as I have never been there. When I told Niall I never ate there before he looked at me with his mouth wide open. ”You have not lived if you have never had NANDOS.” Niall was laughing when he finished his little speech.   We had just gotten our food and drinks. Niall ordered me my food and it was delicious. “Can I have some of yours since your not done.” I asked Niall. He looked at me and smiled” um I’m going to finished this but you can have some of my fries.” As soon as Niall said that everyone went silent and looked at us. “I think Nialler’s got a little crush.” Liam said and smiled at us. What Liam said made me blush. I mean it must be true they do know each other so well, they should know when one has a crush. ”You think he has a crush he just said she could have his food.” Louis said. ”When I try to take his food he bites me.” Harry said as he was laughing. I laughed. “No he’s not joking Colleen.” Zayn quickly  said. I then shut up and ate.  
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