The Assassin

Vengeance can be a controlling emotion. It can distort reality and change it the way you want to see it.


2. Prologue

The red burning flames took hold of my small white house. The screams echoed through the piercing cold air. I was so scared I begin to shake. I feel paralyzed. How could someone do this? Why would someone do this?

“Mom? Dad? Where are you?” I manage to say as the smoke filled my small lungs.

“Scarlett run!” My mom yelled. I see my mom and a figure behind her. It was a figure I wasn’t familiar with.

“Mom, behind you!”  She quickly turned around and then let out a yelp. Blood dripped from her throat as her body fell to the cold wooden floor. I now saw the figure- a tall, muscular man, with chestnut colored hair and eyes. He wiped the blood off that covered the blade; laughing as he does. He stared at me with his big, terrifying eyes.  I took a deep breath waiting for my short life to a quick end.

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