Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


9. Transformation

Sunday 30th September


I lay in my bed, I could feel last nights tears on my skin, I tuned into the radio and pushed back my covers. I grabbed a hair band and a jumper and sprinted down stairs. 

"Mum?" I called, she sat in the living room sketching, her guitar beside her. She smiled warmly when she saw me 

"You okay, sweetie?" She asked, I knew she had worried about me last night. 

"I need your help." I whispered, she nodded and leaned towards me, 

"What with homework, school, boys?" She asked worriedly. I shook my head and grinned at her 

"Call Gracie and I'll explain everything later!" I said and jumped up. She grinned at me and told me she would call work and cancel for today. I kissed her on the cheek and dashed back upstairs to shower. I checked my cell-phone that lay in my bundled dress on the floor. I picked it up and wondered over to the window and opened it and dropped it. I watched it float through the wind and land near some garbage bins, I removed the sim card and battery from my phone and repeated the same and dropped the battery and the sim card out of the window. 


Mum squealed happily and Gracie nodded, challenge accepted she told me mentally.  

"I want to break into aunt Debbie's account for me." I said, Mum nodded. We all climbed into the car, and zoomed off to Boots. We spent forty minutes in the cosmetics section, we decided on an expensive concealer, foundation and eye-make up. Then another hour the hair-dye section, we decided on a bleach and a light brown closer to blonde than dark brown. I watched Mum's face with excitement  I hardly ever asked for things like this. Mum had been asking me for months what I wanted to do with my waist length frizzy dishwasher brown hair. I was honestly surprised Mum had let me, I mean she turned me down when I wanted to dye my hair bright red like Gracie's yet she didn't seem to really care now! 

We hunted the shops and brought nice fitted trousers and a skinny skirt that suited me perfectly, I had always had skinny legs and a rather small stomach but I was skinny I had no figure. We brought tops, jeans and higheals, dresses and skirts. I decided to spend all of Aunt Debbie's money one something worth-while. I brought a new phone and everything. Then we went and had coffee. "Your going to look great, Lily." Gracie whispered and I beamed. 


Ever since I was four I wanted to be pretty, I wanted beautiful hair, a perfect complexion, now as I looked at me I couldn't shut my mouth. I looked gorgeous, I looked alien. My blonde/brown hair rested on my shoulders with a nicely cut fringe, my blue eyes sparkled unexpectedly, my skin was pale but perfect,  Gracie had worked a magic on my eyebrows, I looked incredible! 

"Mum, Gracie." I whispered, my mum clutches my hand and Gracie bows. I wink. I looked hot. 

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