Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


2. The Big News



Brogan and Gracie just arrived, she was dressed in a really pretty black dress and a green head band, why must everyone be pretty but me? Mum is in her lemon dress (its covered in lemons) and her little black boots she looked cute and it suited her. I decided on jeans and a knitted jumper, I tied my horrible mass of curly brown hair up in a ponytail and ignored makeup, why attempt to make myself more beautiful? I decorated the living room with fairy lights and put pork-pies (Brogan's favourite) and mini sausages (my favourite) near my tub-chair. Gracie and mum could share the cucumber. I was rather confused of this gathering, it was unusual for Mum to dress up and bake, in one day! So I assumed it was something important. I texted my best friend, Katie and explained that I would meet up with her tomorrow morning. Only a few more days until school started again, oh joy! 



I blame dad, I tell mum as we tidy up. He arrived half-an-hour late, Mum's organising skills. He kissed me on the cheek, "You look well" that was his compliment. I thanked him, we hardly spoke around each other, our personalities often clashed so it was easier to be silent. He walked into the living room were Mum and Brogan sat, I had wanted to show Gracie my new dress, I decided it would be easier if they were left alone. I wondered up the winding, curling stairs, Gracie followed politely behind me. "Do you love Brogan?" I asked her, she smiled warmly at me exposing her perfect pearly white teeth

"Very much so" was her response. After a long chat about mascara, I decided we better return to the living room. Bro stood towering over dad, dad stood silently.

"We are not going to argue in front of your mother and sister and your fiancé, son." My dad said watching Brogan cautiously. Brogan and Gracie didn't stay for much longer, it was when they exchanged loving looks and Brogan placed his arm around Gracie's shoulder. Mum and dad stopped talking, I looked at them.

"We are having a baby." Gracie whispered. I knew she was scared, Brogan squeezed her hand and she smiled softly. Mum didn't re-act straight away, but Dad did

"How old are you?" He roared, Gracie looked upset all of a sudden.

"Twenty three, sir." She replies. Brogan looks hurt and angry, Mum looks at me worriedly. I nod back at her in a reassuring way.

"Who do you think you are?" Brogan yells. My dad looks at him astounded and confused, but he soon retorts in an angry pompous manner.

"Your father." He replies.

"Yes, maybe so. But you aren't Grace's!" He yelled. I gasp, dad lunges forward to hit him. Mum stands up, in their way

"Get out. Please, both of you. Gracie this is wonderful. I will set you up a bedroom to stay in-" Gracie cut in and smiled at my kind mum

"There will be no need for that." She says sweetly. I can see she is horridly confused. I feel a bit bad for her so I go and sit next to her

"Yeah, there will be. Since I am going to be an aunt. I think you ought to listen to me." I say, she kisses me on the cheek

"Go and put the kettle on, sweetie." Mum says, gleefully, I think and leave hurriedly.  

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