Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


7. Preparation- How could someone like a girl like me?

4:38pm ,Saturday 29th September (a.k.a my date night): 

"You're going to look stunning." Katie yelled as we zoomed down the hill on our scooters. How could your best friend lie so easily and so un-convincingly? I just shook my head and hitched my back pack higher onto my shoulder. Rebecca nudged me from behind 

"You're nervous!" She explained, I was still ill I told myself. It turned out it was just a mild case of Shingles, I had gotten lucky. Nevertheless I still only had five days off! We reached Rebecca's house 

"I'll be around at six." She explained. I sigh and say goodbye and continue down the hill with Katie,  she was coming back to mine for the night. We reached mine by quarter too. Mum was working and Brogan and Gracie where in the living room on the x-box. 

"Hey." I said, we walked in and Katie batted her eyelashes foolishly, I never quite got her crush for my brother. 

"Hi Lily and Kitty." Brogan winked at us. Gracie laughed and kissed Brogan, Katie rolled her eyes. We grabbed cold pizza from the kitchen and climbed the metal staircases until we reached my bedroom right at the top of the tower. 


5:05pm, my bedroom 

We lay sprawalled across my bed, Katie told me about her date, "He has the most beautiful brown eyes, with the most natural sweep across his face, but not in the Justin Bieber fashion!" She exclaimed and I grabbed a hairbrush from my bed side table and chucked one to Katie and we jumped around my bedroom singing a variety of Justin Bieber and collapsed on my bed in a heap. 

"You have a good voice, Lils." Katie said. I laughed at her and tucked my hair behind my ear, sometimes I imagined the force of my hair to defeat my ears when ever I did this. 

"Yep, a good voice compared to a dying seal!" I said, Katie laughed and stood up and checked her snazzy blackberry. 

"Hannah's on her way!" She announced. We dashed around my bedroom, turning it into a beauty salon. I folded my bed covered over and placed a white plastic sheet over it and we picked up my rug and added a few stools and we moved my mum's portable sink (pretty cool, huh?) into my bedroom. It looked great, may I add! The doorbell rang and I wrapped my legs around the pole that ran straight through my bedroom, "Move out the way, Nala!" I said as I spun down the pole, my cat sneezed and then collapsed on the floor in my bedroom. Katie laughed and spiralled down after me. Hannah stood downstairs talking to Brogan 

"Well, you look great, Han." He complimented her! Han? Compliments? Was my brother hitting on my best friend in front of his soon-to-be and pregnant wife? She blushed and flicked her hair over her shoulder "Have you been working out?" He asked, she blushed again. Clearly embarrassed

"Hey, Hannah!" I said and hugged her, pulling her away with force, Katie grabbed her and they dashed upstairs. Katie caught my eye and winked and didn't even try to flirt silently with my engaged brother. 

"What the hell was that?" I whispered annoyed and shoved him. He shrugged 

"What?" He asked, 

"We are fifteen, you can't go hitting on girls six years young whilst your soon-to-be wife is alive, yet alone pregnant in our living room!" I said and shoved him once more. He frowned and looked at me 

"She looked great, I know how insecure you girls get, I was just trying to help." He said, I frowned. 

"Well stop!" I hissed, ew, that is gross! My brother is hitting on my best-friend, I hope Hannah doesn't think anything of it? 

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