Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


3. Laxenhart School


I tied my mass of frizzy uncontrollable mane into a ponytail. I changed into my swede pleated skirt and light blue blouse and blazer. I looked at my reflection and sat on my stool, my eyebrows where bushier than last semester, my face spottier than ever and my hair even more uncontrollable, how is that even possible? I felt as though I had put on weight as well, great. I looked at my pile of makeup and picked it up and stuffed it away, not wanting to look at the stuff that I had used in attempt to make myself prettier, which was never going to happen. I placed my glasses on my nose and sighed. 

"This is as good as its going to get." I sighed and then grabbed Nala off my bed and wrapped him in my arms and kissed his wet black noise. He purred and then collapsed in a ball of fluff- I know Nala is a female cats name, but it suited my male kitten. I grabbed the metal pole that ran through my bedroom, did I mention, I am living in a fire station? I hurried downstairs and winked at my mum 

"Your hair looks nice today" she lied, she always lies about things like that. I grinned and pretended I was pleased with it and then grabbed an apple off the counter and shoved it in my bag, I had to be more careful about my weight. I decided. 


Rebbeca stood with her scooter at the top of the hill waiting for me. I grinned and waved and trudged to the top of my hill with my scooter. 
"Your late, again!" She pestered annoyingly. Why must she always where her hair like that? It looked bleached. Bleachy rolled her eyes at me, I grinned and started up the engine and stood on my scooter

"Lets go, Bleachy." I said, she raised her invisible eyebrows "Your hair looks bleached." I explained. She growled as I started down the hill 

"I'll have you know my hair is my best feature." She yelled. I just laughed, Bleachy- it suited her. 

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