Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


6. Being Ill-Not fun!

4:32am (Lying in my sickbed, groaning in agony)

I haven't been ill for four whole years, my attendance record was perfect. Until today. I lay in 'Star-Wars' bed, the sheets folding over me, my head bead with sweat. 

"Are you okay?" Mum asked stupidly. I nodded and painted on my best ill smile and looked at her 

"No mother I am not." She rolled her blue eyes and placed her hands on her hips and straightened out my bed covers, not replying to my comment. I sigh and loll back on the pillow. She smiles and kisses my forehead, "What wrong with me?" I ask, she smiles, like I am stupid. 

"You have shingles, sweetie-pie. Now close your eyes and get some sleep. You could be off for some time." I let out the loudest most disturbing moan and rolled over on the covers, ouch! 


I had horrible dreams of people chasing me and I woke up thrashing and screaming. Mum was so distressed she called Doctor Martin, he is extremely good looking for an old man. He walked into my bedroom, Mum trotting behind him - I noticed she had put some make-up on, rather unlike her! He frowned at me and turned to my mum 

"Is her hair normally so - obese?" He asks. Mum flicks her hair and smiles 

"Of course it is!" She said in a flirty smile. I frown and bury my head in my covers. He frowned and lifted my head into his hands, turning my cheeks and admiring my horrible greasy complexion, I blamed the Shingles.

He turned to me "The first sign of shingles is usually excessively sensitive, tingling or burning skin where the shingles rash subsequently appears. The area is often painful. At the same time, you may experience fever, headache and enlarged lymph nodes" I shook my head 

"I've been fine." I said coughing and wheezing. He frowned and looked at mum. He gestured for them to speak outside. I groaned childishly and they both frowned in unison at me. I rolled my eyes, like the typical teenager I wanted to be!

5:00pm (after a school day, which I was not at) 

Rebbeca and Hannah came round, Katie was having a study date with a boy called Liam. I asked for the details, I mean as the best friend it was duty to find out why my best friend was so occupied that she couldn't visit my sickbed, "He's extremely good looking," Hannah gushed, despite her new looks she still had the same attitude, which made me smile. "Yeah and he has two friends." Rebecca added hastily.

"Oh cool." Was all I said, flicking through the magazine in boredom (despite the fact that I was quite interested). Hannah snatched the magazine out of my hands "I'm poorly!" I moaned. Rebecca rolled her green eyes and smiled at me "We hooked you up!" She said, I was slurping down my water when she said this point- making sure to make as much noise as humanly possible, I knew it creped Hannah out- and my water (uni-tensionally) covered them both in a dramatic spray, like a whale.

"Hahaha," I laughed hysterically "You did what?" I boomed.

"Hooked you up! We got you a date, Lils." Hannah said, why to excitedly and lunged to give me a hug then thought about why I was in my bed, dying, and jumped back. I frowned

"I'm not contagious you know, unless you haven't had chicken pox, which Hannah, you have, I rember helping your mum rub cream all over-" Hannah made a shrill laughing sound and shot me her daggered eyes. I grinned. Rebecca rolled her eyes

"Get over it. Next Saturday we'll come round and the dates and eight." I rolled my eyes and grabbed a bar of chocolate mum had brought me, she didn't quite know what to do or give me, the smiled and waved and said goodbye and left. I was left in my sickbed half over the moon and half infuriated and very, very tired and in a lot of pain.  

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