A group of students from clans and settlements around the world are searching. They are all searching for different things, but none will stop till their desire is found.


2. Chapter 1: Part 2

As a sleepy sun rose over his balcony window, Habana got out of bed and put on his newly cleaned tunic. He stumbled blindly into the bathroom to check his hair, and noticed how his pale body showed the strains he put it through. Although his muscles where strong, he had always held a slim figure. As he stood on toe to reach his comb he sighed. Habana had always been below average height. Not incredibly short, but at least 3 inches shorter than other boys his age. He itched his small nose and yawned; splashing his face with water, he ran the comb through his hair as he usually did in the morning. “You’re checking your hair, AGAIN?!” said a cheeky voice from behind him. He groaned and turned around, behind him, on the sofa, sat a girl. A girl with long, slender legs and sleek black hair down to her waste, everything about this girl would be seen as perfect to most boys. She was Intelligent, beautiful, athletic and been confessed to by every boy she encountered... Habana was the exception “Morning Shīna” he muttered. Shīna was the only girl in the team, and had long harbored a crush on him. Not that she knew he knew. But as it was fairly obvious, so Habana tried to avoid her at all costs. She wasn't his type.

“So Habby, are you excited about the new kid? I mean, there’s no way he will be as good as you.” She said this in the usual girly voice she put on when talking to him. Habana said nothing. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. Shīna stared after him for a while, then seemed to decide the back of him wasn't as good looking as the front, so got up and followed him down stairs. 

When she opened the door to the meditation garden she saw 4 unoccupied bamboo mats laid out in a semicircle on the white sand surrounded by bonsai trees and large round pebbles. Shīna thought to herself how perfect this scenery was for the outfit she was wearing as she listened to the gentle flowing of the waterfall in front of her. She immediately made the assumption that 3 of them where for herself, Habana and Suimin. And that the hotel owners had miscounted.

The door behind her opened with a creek, behind her a familiar voice sounded; “Hi Shīna! Have you seen the new kid yet? I hear they have serious skills! Oh are those mats for us to sit on? I suppose the fourth is for the new guy, shall we sit down?” now it was Shīna's turn to groan. Suimin always spoke far too much for her liking, and combined with it broad figure, lack of hair, and lack of manners. He did not make the type of boy she could admire. ‘Unlike Habana’ she thought, smiling to herself as she sat down in the middle mat. This way, Habana had to sit by her.

After some utterly bad jokes from Suimin, the door opened again to reveal Habana, fully dressed with his dog Boruto at his side. “Sensei is just picking the new kid up from their house.” He said in his calming voice. “The lady in reception said to wait here for him.” He looked up and saw the mats, noticing the two empty spaces to Shīna's left, he took the one furthest away from her. Boruto followed him, growling at Shīna as they passed. He had never liked this human; she always petted him with a stiff reluctant air. About ten minutes passed, Shīna resumed staring at Habana, Suimin fell asleep, and Habana began to train Boruto. Everything was peaceful. That is until the wind picked up.

Violent gusts whispered through the trees and all 3 students looked up. They knew what this meant. Sensei was on his way.

And sure enough, as quickly as the gusts had begun, they died out. And in the middle of the semi circle stood the tall, muscular, slim form of their sensei; Puraido Toppū. And next to him... "A GIRL?!” Shīna was outraged! She was the only girl in her village to pass the exam, and now this. A short, scruffy and obviously odd girl thought she could just waltz in to her team? It was an outrage! And frankly an insult. What was sensei thinking?

As these thoughts whirled around Shīna's brain, Habana could only stare at the new girl. He knew her from somewhere. But where? 

Then he noticed it. The smallest fleck of orange on her newly washed blouse. Chilli sauce. Habana knew this because he had just spent half an hour attempting to get it out of his formerly perfect hair.

Boruto seemed to recognise her as well; he ran up to her and licked her toes causing her to giggle. It was defiantly the same girl. “Class, this is Urufupakku Kuba. She is a local here in the moon village. Oh but Shīna, you think it is unfair to let a 'random' girl into the team?”

“Well...Yes frankly Sensei. I do. I worked SO hard to get here and,” she was interrupted by Suimin, who for once didn't say anything. But decided to have a coughing fit. Kuba looked up at Sensei longingly until he sighed and nodded at her; the girl’s pupils sudden flashed a wolfish yellow as she stepped in front of Suimin. Placing a finger upon his chest, she muttered something and stared him in the eye. It was as if she was dislodging the blockage from Suimin’s airways. And sure enough, after a couple of reassuring seconds, he seemed fine. 


“As you just witnessed, Kuba is a very capable medical Sentō. She passed her exam with full marks last week. And I for one think that makes her more than qualified to join our team. Any issues with that Shīna?... Shīna?”

Shīna wasn’t listening. She had been looking at Habana again. 

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