A group of students from clans and settlements around the world are searching. They are all searching for different things, but none will stop till their desire is found.


1. Chapter 1: Part 1

In the tranquil village of the Moon clan, a small dog pawed its way cautiously to the source of the scent that was filling its nostrils, in the distance it could see a small cafe with chairs and tables outside with people eating. The dog’s ears pricked; that was the source of the smell. The dog started to pant as he sped up pace to reach the smell. Skidding at the entrance of the cafe it looked up. Standing in front of it was a girl. Her woody brown hair was held messily up in a bun with...there was no doubt about it... a fork. She looked down at the dog and smiled, "are you hungry?" she asked cheerfully, as she picked a piece of food off the tray she was holding. The dog barked and wagged its tail as the girl put the piece of meat in front of it. After inspecting the morsel to insure it was poison free, the dog quickly ate it and sat down, as if waiting for something.

Whilst the dog sat waiting, a boy came running up the street, his bare feet picking up dust as he went. Like the dog, he was following his nose to the food source. It was chicken broth dumplings, his favourite. Running towards the entrance, he fell over a stone. Knocking over the kind girl in the process; ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?’ a voice bellowed from somewhere inside the establishment. Realising what he had done, the boy sprang to his feet and looked around. It wasn't long before he looked down and saw the girl sat up against the wall, laughing at him. He didn't see what was so funny. Could she not see the neck tag he wore? Did she not know only students who have passed their Sentō exams where given these tags? He looked at the girl. She was wearing a white blouse and knee length trousers underneath an apron. Well, he assumed the blouse was white because due to the amount of dust it had collected as a result of the fall it had stained a rather dull grey brown colour. Yet she continued to laugh! He looked at himself in the silver tray the girl had dropped. His lightning blue hair was covered in a strange orange substance; his grey tunic was also flecked with this orange affliction, but before he even so much as glance at his reflection again, a voice behind him made him spin round so quickly he cricked his neck.

“I’m sorry for laughing but...” it was the girl he had knocked over, she didn’t look any older than himself now she was stood up, “you have chilli sauce all over your hair..."

The boy touched his hair and cautiously licked some of the sauce off his finger, it was like a firework display of delicious flavours exploding on his tongue, some of this feeling must have showed on his face for the girl giggled again and said “I take it you like it more than the customer” before a huge, balding man with arms covered in tattoos and hair burst out of the building. By one look at his face the boy could tell this man wasn't as amused by the incident as the girl seemed to be. 

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING KUBA?!” shouted the man in a low rumbling voice. “THAT SAUCE IS COMING OUT OF YOUR PAY! JUST BECAUSE YOU PASSED THAT EXAM OF YOURS, DOESNT MEAN YOU CANT SLACK OFF WORK!” there was a vein throbbing in the man’s neck at this point, all the girl could do was look at her shoes. “Um wasn't her fault, I came here looking for my dog and tripped over. I knocked her over as I fell”. The man turned on the boy and looked him up and down. “Who, are, you pipsqueak?” he said in a dangerously quite voice.
The boy muttered a quick response and stared the man in the eye. “Speak clearly boy, let everyone hear. Who do you belong to?” the man’s voice was raising in volume again, people where beginning to stare,
 “Habana Souru sir, I’m not from this village, my sensei bought my team here to pick up another member.”

Behind the Man’s enormous silhouette he saw the girl pick up the tray with a sigh. “Well. You can tell your 'sensei'; HE OWES ME 7 RUPEES FOR THAT SAUCE!!!!” by now, the man’s voice had risen to its maximum volume, and he was so close to Habana that he could have counted the beads of sweat running down the mans forehead.

"ARGHHHHH” yelled the man, as he clutched his left foot and hopping around like a kangaroo on a path of coals. Habana looked down; beside the man a brown dog with pricked up ears was bearing its teeth in a snarl of warning. The boy picked up the dog and smiled as it licked his face. “Well I will pass on your message to my sensei, but for now I will give you 4 of those 7 rupees, take my dog and leave you be if that’s okay.”

And with that he turned on his heels, dropped 4 red stones on the nearest table, whistled to his dog, and left the Cafe, grinning to himself. He could tell the girl was still staring after him.

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