Is This Really Happening

One day when Emma was doing her usual running routine she bumped into 5 masculine bodies. One Direction? Yes. What happens when Emma gets feelings for Liam? And what about Emma's sister Annabel, who is a huge directioner? Read the story to see.


8. Chapter 8

~Emma's Point Of View~

I shifted in my seat hearing the soft humming of an unfamiliar song. 

"Emma?" Liam whispered, send tingles down my spine. I slowly fluttered my eyes open, letting them adjust to the sudden change in light, and was greeted by a pair of soft brown eyes looking at me. They were full of an emotion I hadn't seen before. 

"What time is it?" I said, yawning. We're on the plane going to Italy. 

"Um, 7:32 in the morning. We should be landing in another hour..." He smiled at me. I bet I look a mess. I ran my fingers through my hair, fixing it a little. Liam took my hand away from my head and intertwined our fingers.

"No need for that, love. You look beautiful." I smiled, blushing a little. I rested my head back on his firm chest and listened to the soft thumps of his pure heart. Liam was something else, in a good way of course. I've never felt this way with a boy before. The way his voice was sweet and angelic, memorizing with each syllable. The way, even the slightest touch, I feel fireworks. When I'm close to him, I feel safe. Like nothing could ever happen to me. The way he comforted me when those girls picked on me, something my own parents wouldn't be able to do. He was one of a kind. Liam James Payne. The boy that takes my breath away. The boy that's making me fall even more in love with him by just being here. I slowly drifted away back to dreamland, but this time, Liam followed me. 

~Anna's Point Of View~

I watched from behind my sister and Liam, they were so cute together. You can tell they're in love by the way they look at each other. He would do anything for her. I wish I could find someone like that. I like Niall, like a lot. He's amazing, though I really have only known him so long. But, I'm not sure I love him. Should I be feeling this way towards my own boyfriend? It isn't right. It's not fair to him. I should really talk to someone about this. Maybe Emma? She probably won't understand. One of the other boys? Harry? No, they'd just tell him. My mom! She'll know what's wrong!

I looked over at Niall who was lightly snoring beside me. His arm was draped firmly over my shoulder. I smiled at his cuteness and laid my head in the crick of his neck. I shouldn't really be thinking like this. I'm lucky and any girl would die to be in my place. I really need to learn to appreciate what I have. 

Niall started shifting around in his seat then he slowly rose his head.

"Anna?" He said softly, now facing me. I lifted my head from his neck and looked at him. His hair was all in a mess but it looked nice. He smiled, showing off his braces. "Good morning, sleepy head!" I giggle. He smiled even bigger and brought me into a nice warm hug. I pulled away giving him a 'what was that for?' look.

"What? Is hugging my girlfriend now a crime?" He pouted. Girlfriend. For some reason that had no effect on me. There's that feeling again! Guilt. 

"What's wrong Anna?" His eyes filled with concern. I shook my head. "Nothing, just deep in thought, that's all" 

"Oh, what were you thinking about?" 

"Unicorns" I said, maybe a bit to quickly. I mentally face palmed myself while Niall, on the other hand, burst out into fits of laughter. Harry, who was beside him, let out a groan and repeatedly hit Niall in the nose as if there was a snooze button. 

"Shut up, you're too loud." Harry said in a raspy voice that automatically turned me on. It sounded sexy. Niall slowed his laughing down a bit, but not all the way. He still let out a few quiet chuckles and he finally calmed down.

"You done?" I said, raising my eyebrow at him. He nodded and looked straight. His face was turning beat red, and he was trying to hold in more laughter. It really couldn't have been that funny...

"Deep breaths Nialler" I said, holding back a giggle. He started taking deep breaths and was finally back to normal. 

"Okay, I'm done" He said, facing me. 

"Phew!" I said, wiping fake sweat off my forehead, "I thought we might of had to take you to a hospital or something." He chuckled and just shook his head. 

~Emma's Point Of View~

"Emma," Someone whispered in my ear. "Emma, wake up love. We're landing." I opened my eyes and saw Liam looking down at me. I cuddled into his chest and his arms were wrapped around my waist. I smiled at this position, then he bent down and kissed the top of my head.

"Good, your up." I giggled and nestled my head into his chest more. I could feel him smiling. I looked up and our eyes locked. We stared into each others eyes, just looking at each other, taking in each and every detail for five minutes until someone came on over the intercom and announced the plane will be landing in five minutes and we needed to put our seat belts on. Liam and I already had ours on. I laid back on the seat and held Liam's hand. This moment was perfect. A moment knowing I had Liam with me. 

After the plane landed we collected our carry-on's and headed off to the limo outside. 

"What about our other luggage?" I asked, walking to the limo, shading myself from the flashes of cameras, the constant shouts asking who I was. I looked over at Anna to see how she was holding up with this. She seemed okay, it looks like Niall had it all covered.

"It's already in the car." He replied, I just nodded and he opened the door to the limo and slid me in. Once everyone was all in the limo started for the hotel. I've never been in a limo... I looked around, noticing how roomy it was in here. I was seated in a corner next to Liam. His arm never left my shoulders. 

"So, when do we get to go see our parents?" Anna asked, looking towards Liam. We learned that Liam pretty much made the rules, since he was the most mature. 

"Paul said we have an interview tomorrow and we have to perform tomorrow night but we have all day today, so after we get settled?" She nodded eagerly. I guess she really missed them? Weird...

"Do you know what hotel they're at?" He continued, that never occurred to me but I guess Anna thought about it. She told him the hotel and room number. The rest of the ride was pretty quiet. I think this is the first time the boys have been quiet, especially Louis... something is definitely up...

"Why are you guys so quiet?" I asked, looking around at all of them playing on their phones, except Harry who was staring intently at Anna. Hmm... 

Louis looked up for a brief second then back at his phone. Liam turned to me and shrugged. 

"Must be tired, it is early for us, dear." I nodded, I guess that makes sense, since it was only 8:45 in the morning. I laid my head back on Liam's should and watched him play Temple Run on his iPhone. I laughed every time he died, because the weird noise he made was hilarious. And to think I used to not like One Direction...

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