Is This Really Happening

One day when Emma was doing her usual running routine she bumped into 5 masculine bodies. One Direction? Yes. What happens when Emma gets feelings for Liam? And what about Emma's sister Annabel, who is a huge directioner? Read the story to see.


6. Chapter 6

Emma's P.O.V.
This morning we didn't really do much. We woke up, ate, got dressed, then we walked into town. We went into a couple stores, came back and ate lunch.
"What do you guys wanna do?" I asked.
"How about we go to the water park Anna works at." Liam suggested.
"Ya, that's a great idea." We all got into bathing suits and left to the water park. When we got there not many people were there. We paid and went in. We went to the first ride, Dragons Den, which was really fun. We went on most of the rides when we found Anna lifeguarding on Dr. Dark.
"Hey guys, I didn't know you were coming." Anna said as she saw us.
"Ya, we just decided to come." Harry said.
"Did you tell your boss you quit?" I asked.
"Oh ya thanks for reminding me about that sis." We went down the ride and went on a couple more rides and left. When we got back we all took showers and Anna came home. When everyone got out of the shower I ordered pizza for dinner. The pizzas came a half an hour later. I got three pizzas, which were gone in about five minuets. After we ate we watched the movie 'The Outsiders'. Anna and I decided to go into school tomorrow and let the principal and our teachers know we won't be in school for a while, so we had to go to bed a little early. Anna and I went to bed and I think the boys stayed up, but I don't really know.

Anna and I got up like normal and drove to school. We went to the principal before first period.
"Hi, Mr. Wilson," I said.
"Hi Emma, how are you?"
"I'm good, me and my sister, Annabel are going to miss a couple months of school."
"Oh, why?"
"Well, ya know the band One Direction?" I asked.
"They kinda invited us to go on tour with them." I explained.
"Em, your a good student, and I'm guessing your sister is too, so I think it's fine that you are going. But you may need a tutor to pass on the material you will miss."
"Ok. Thank you, Mr. Wilson." I said and we walked away. We both went to all our classes starting with our first period teacher. I went to my math teacher, Mrs. Meyers and told her what will be going on.
"Class!" Mrs. Meyers yelled. Everybody looked up and got quiet.
"Emma will be leaving for a couple months to go on tour with the band One Direction. How about we wish her fun and good luck?" Thank you Mrs. Meyers I said in my head sarcastically.
"She's lying!" One person shouted.
"One Direction aren't even here!" Another yelled.
"She's too ugly for them." A popular girl yelled.
"Ok, ok that's enough class." Mrs. Meyers told the class. I walked out of the classroom quickly with tears falling out of my eyes rapidly. I sat on the hall floor and bawled into my arms. After a couple minuets I picked myself up and went to tell my other teachers. Today I've been called a bunch of mean names. I wonder how Anna is. I sat in the main office for Anna. When she came her cheeks were stained with tear lines. I guess they made fun of her too.
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