Is This Really Happening

One day when Emma was doing her usual running routine she bumped into 5 masculine bodies. One Direction? Yes. What happens when Emma gets feelings for Liam? And what about Emma's sister Annabel, who is a huge directioner? Read the story to see.


3. Chapter 3

I was in my room getting changed out of my sweaty running clothes when I heard the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" My little sister, Annabel, who was 16 shouted.

I pulled on a sweater over my jeans and tank top and walked out of my room, gently closing the door as I heard my sister screaming uncontrollably. She sounded excited, and surprised. It was like she had seen One Direction walking down the street, or something. Anna was a massive 1D fan. Like a, mega, mega, massive fan!

I never really got into One Direction. Their music was okay, but I didn't really see what was so special about them. I had only seen one or two pictures of them, so I didn't know if I would be able to recognise them or not. Annabel was always going on about them, so I knew their names.

I walked to the front door where my sister was shaking uncontrollably, turning her fangirlness on the five guys I had met only today. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. Something clicked, and I felt my cheeks get red with embarrassment as I realised something so obvious. The five boys I had met today were One Direction. And now they were standing on my door step while I stood here like an idiot. Gosh, how could I only realise who they were now? Why didn't I realise this when I bumped into them while running? I decided that I must have been half asleep when I went running.

"Hi guys" I greeted them, and they all replied with 'hello', 'hey', and 'hi love'.

"Your sister is, erm... Quite the fan" Louis observed awkwardly. He seemed surprised that they had so many adoring fans, one of which was standing in front of him and smiling hugely. Most celebrities would act cocky that they had thousands of fans to buy their albums and make them famous, but the guys were the complete opposite. They were so down to earth.

"Yes. This is my little sister, Annabel" I gestured to Anna.

"Anyway, come in" I told them all.

They all followed me into living room and made themselves comfortable on the assorted couches. Niall stood up and made his way into the kitchen.

"Mind if I raid your refrigerator?" He asked me on his way past.

"Of course. Make yourself at home" I told him, smirking.

"Niall is hungry a lot" Liam said from his place next to me on the couch.

We spent the night having fun together and getting to know each other. Louis kept shooting me flirty glances, but I knew from Annabel that he had a girlfriend, so I just brushed them off as friendly smiles. Besides, I fancied Liam. I wasn't sure if he felt the same way, but I thought he might. He had sat next to me all night, never moving his arm from where it was wrapped around my shoulder. I also thought I saw a hint of love in his deep brown eyes whenever he looked at me, but I wasn't sure.

"We better get going. It's getting pretty late" Zayn yawned as he got up from where he was lying on the floor.

"Where are you guys going to stay?" I asked no one in particular, remembering that they hadn't been able to find a hotel that wasn't full yet.

"I don't know. We can always sleep in our cars" Harry groaned, not seeming to keen on the idea.

"Actually guys, I was wondering if you might like to stay here with me. It would be more convenient for you to stay with me rather than getting a hotel in another town. Plus, I would miss you guys!" I offered, hoping that they would accept my offer.

"Sure. Thankyou. We'll stay here tonight and I'll call Paul in the morning and ask if we can stay for a while longer"Liam told me in a tired voice as the boys cheered excitedly. I assumed that Paul was part of their managment team. I couldn't imagine them asking their Dad's if they could stay here.

I set out some matresses for the boys to sleep on in the living room, just until I could sort out proper sleeping arrangements.


A/N: Hey guys, it's Rochelle. Sorry this chapter is kinda short, but I hope you like it anyway :) x


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