Is This Really Happening

One day when Emma was doing her usual running routine she bumped into 5 masculine bodies. One Direction? Yes. What happens when Emma gets feelings for Liam? And what about Emma's sister Annabel, who is a huge directioner? Read the story to see.


2. Chapter 2

Liam's P.O.V.
"Dude, you totally like her," Lou said as we got our table.
"You could tell?" I didn't think it was that clear.
"Ya, it was so obvious. Why don't you ask her out?"
"What if she has a boyfriend? I bet she does."
"I don't know, I've never been in that situation before. Why are you asking me?" It got silent quickly.
Which Harry interrupted, "I can't believe she didn't know who we are." We all agreed.

Emma's P.O.V.
I started to do my "loop" which I did two times so I will be passing Applebee's in about ten minuets. I was about to pass Applebee's but I saw Harry outside so I decided to talk to him.

Harry's P.O.V.
After we ordered our food my phone rang. It was our manager, I have to answer it so I went outside so I could hear him.
"Hello Harry."
"Hey did you find a hotel yet?"
"No, there's only a couple around and they are all booked here so we might have to look into another town."
I saw Emily jogging towards me, as she got closer she started to stop. I put up the "one second" finger to make sure that she would stay.
"Um, ok do you think I can call you back."
"Ok." He hung up. I looked at Emily.
"Sorry, that was management. Do you think you can do us a favor?"
"What's the favor."
"Well we can't find a hotel yet and we need to waste a couple more hours until we find one, do you think we can hang with you after we're done with lunch?"
"Ya sure, give me your number so I can text you where I live."
"Ok" we both gave each other our phones and put our number into each others.
"Ok I guess I'll see you in a little bit."
"See ya." I walked back to our table.
"So I got good news and bad news. The bad news is that management can't find a near hotel so we have to change plans and go somewhere else. The good news is that I found Emily on the road and she said we can go to her house until we find out where we are staying."
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