New Place, New Love

Vanessa and Samantha are best friends. Vanessa runs into her old crush but they never really taked or new each other. Samantha doesn't like him. But what will happen when they run into One Direction?


4. Meeting One Direction

Samantha's POV-

"OMG, Really!?" What did yall do? did yall talk? did you go-


Vanessa's POV-

I cut her off before she could finish bombarding me with questions. "STOP!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "what?" she asked me. I suddenly heard a chuckle from the hallway. "sam, what was that?" I asked. No answer. "Samantha?" I asked again. Again No answer. "Samantha dont you make me use your middle na-" I got cut off by the five boys of One Diection waking out of the double door closet in the hallway. "SAMANTHA GRACE BENNETT!" I exclaimed probably a bit louder than needed. "Yes?" she finally answered but shyly. "Why?" was all I could get out. "well I went for a walk right after you left and we kinda bumped into each other and I invited them over" she replied.  "well you could of told me" "I was going to but then you came rushing in and your story about you and Dillon sounded interesting." "Really?" I asked popping an eye brow. "Calm down, beautiful" A deep, husky, brittish accent said. "So how about we get to know each other a little better?" I asked. "Sure" they all replied in unition" "Let's go to the living room."

Samantha's POV-

"I will go make dinner" I innterupted. "ok" Vanessa replied.


Vannessa's POV-

"So.. What you wanna talk about?" I asked. apperently Sam heard as she yelled back "How about Dillon" "Shut up" I yelled back. "Who's Dillon?" Harry asked. "haha" I heard sam laughing in the kitchen. "shut it!" I yelled back. "Fine don't talk about rat boy" "SAMANTHA, stop calling him that, he does not look like a rat" "Anyways back to your question Harry, he is this guy I had a crush on in seventh grade. and I ran into him today" "Is that why Sam was bombarding you with questions earlier?" Louis asked "yes" I answered embarassingly.

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