New Place, New Love

Vanessa and Samantha are best friends. Vanessa runs into her old crush but they never really taked or new each other. Samantha doesn't like him. But what will happen when they run into One Direction?


1. Introduction

Vanessa's POV-

My friend, Samantha, and I lived together in a small 2 story apartment. We had been BEST friends since who knows how long. She has long, brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. I on the other hand have straght dark brown/blackish hair and dark brown eyes. very closely related in color. She is pale as a sheet of paper and I am more tan.

Samantha's POV-

My BEST friend Vanessa and I live in a small 2 Story apartment in America. The kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom was down stairs. The living room leads to the sliding glass door that goes to the back yard. The living room also leads to the spiral staircase which obiously leads to upstairs. Upsairs is where our 2 bedrooms and extra bathrooom is.


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