New Place, New Love

Vanessa and Samantha are best friends. Vanessa runs into her old crush but they never really taked or new each other. Samantha doesn't like him. But what will happen when they run into One Direction?


5. Dinner

Samantha's POV-

"Dinner!" I yelled to the living room. Before I knew it everyone was piled in the dining room. "About time" Vanessa jokked "shut-up" I yelled back "You first" she replied "whatev..." I was interupted by Louis. "Do Yall always fight like this?" "no we are just joking around, we do that a lot" vanessa ansered. '"Oh" Louis said.

As we all sat around table eating the spaggetti and garlic bread that I made for dinner, we talked about ourselves and got to know each other a little better. "So how long are ya'll staying here." I interuppted. "well as long as their are screaming girls out there, I don't know if we will be leaving" Liam joked "well feel free to stay as long as you like." Vanessa said.


Vanessa's POV-

All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door. "I got it" I yelled a little angrily as I already knew who it was. I opened the door to a Dillon standing there. "Hello" Dillon said. "uh... hi" I stuttered back. "What are you doing here? No, I mean what are you doing in London?" "Smooth Vanessa" I heard Sam whisper in my ear. "Sam!" "Sorry" she apologized. "Go keep the boys company, I will be there in a minute" "Boys?" Dillon asked. "Uh yeah, One Direction is here" I replied. "oh, well I will text you later" he said. "OK, see ya later." I closed the door and returned to the dining room where everyone was still eating. " Who was that?" Liam asked. "Dillon" I replied shakily.

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