Number 13

These are the last diary entries of two girls who all lived down Elme street. Whose curiousity got the better of them.


2. Mandy

Oh my God! I've been invited to Jake Latimore's party! He is like, the cutest boy in year 9. I've heard all about these senior parties. I cannot wait to go, I have got the cutest outfit and shoes. Only problem is my curfew is 12:00, but I'll just tell my mum it's a study group and that I'm staying at Alisha's, my friend down the road. Strangely she has dissapeared latley. Mrs Bennet is really sad and depressed about it. Oh sugar! I've just realised I have to walk past that freaky house. The last one on the left. it's like, really old and abandoned and weird. Oh well. Anything for JAcob Latimore!




I'm at the party and so hyped up. The music is rave and guess what Jacob said when I turned up?! Hey baby doll! I am, like, so happy. Yay! We are going to play truth or dare. I'm sitting in the circle now and the bottle is spinning. It's pointing at me. Ak! I 've got dare. Malisha's dared me to go into house 13. Take a deep breath and say yeah, whatevs. Oh, what am I doing? No, don't back out. Play it cool. Yeah I'm gonna go in the house.......



This was Mandy's last moments.

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