Mystery of Metroid 46

Jack Lance and Lysander Kennedy are detectives of the planet Gamma-X in 2391. They have just started their first year being detecives and they have been given a task which is a bit to much out of their league... To find out who stole from Metroid 46.


1. The beginning

"Detectives!" said Jack. "How many times do you have to say that?" asked Lysander. "You've said it 17 times since we left the station." "You were keeping count?" said Jack. "Yes!" said Lysander. "Theres nothing else to do!" "Look at the lovely scenery!" said Jack. "Look at what? Theirs only buildings and polution to look at." complaned Lysander. "Good point." said Jack. "Well this is my stop, see you tomorrow?" said Jack. "As always." said Lysander.

Jack opened his door to his apartment, threw his coat on the floor, turned on his hologram TV and flumped on his bed. After flicking threw 14 odd channels he decided there was nothing on and fell asleep. The next morning, he woke up with one eye still closed and turned on the hologram TV next to his bed, it was on the news channel talking about weather. Jack stood up this time with both eyes shut trying to find the romote for the hologram, then he fell over. "...Due the to the rescent weather reports the monorail trams going from Mall 23 to The tram station 4 have been closed." Muttered the reporter. "This just in Metroid 46 has been broken into! I repeat Metroid 46 has been broken into!" Jack stood up immediately to look at the  hologram this time with both eyes open. As he picked up his phone it started ringing, he answer with Lysander on the other side. "Did you just see the news?" asked Lysander. " Yes!" said Jack. "Did you?" "No." said Lysander. "Of course I did! Meet at the police station in under half an hour?" "Yes." said Jack as they both hung up at the same time. Jack quickly got dressed and ran out the door.

Lysander was at the station before Jack, talking to the chief. After he finnished talking, Lysander walked over to Jack. "What was that about?" asked Jack "He told me what happened, apparently someone broke into Metroid 46." said Lysander. "Whats Metroid 46?" asked Jack. "Have you been living under a rock for all your life?!" shouted Lysander angrily. "Metroid 46 is bank that keeps records. Apparently the guy stole the records for a robbery 2 years back." "So who stole it?" asked Jack. Thats what were trying to find out." said Lysander. When they got to Metroid 46 Jack looked up astounded. Metroid 46 was a square, 6 story building. When they got inside they got straight to work. Jack and Lysander walked over to a broken window. "Do you think the guy jumped out here?" asked Jack? "I don't think so its 2 stories up, the guy would'nt survive." said Lysander. Jack leaned outside the window slightly and saw a skip at the bottom with a cover over it. "Lets go see whats in that skip down there." said Jack.

Jack and Lysander where standing next to the skip. "You can touch it." said Jack. "No! I just got this new suit!" complaned Lyander. "Fine! I'll do it." said Jack. He pulled away the cover on the skip to find out that it was foam at the bottom. "Hey whats that over there?" Asked Lysander. "Its the records!" said Jack surprisingly.

"I did everything chief." said Lysander. "Jack just followed me." "Hey!" said Jack "I did somethings." "Well at lease we have the records back." said the cheif. "Hey cheif, do you want me to put that back." said a police officer. "Yes please, hand it to officer Griffin, detective Lysander." said the cheif. Lysander gave the records to the officer. "Thank you." said the police officer as he ran off. "Hey!" shouted Lysander "Someone get him!". "Shame. He had 3 hours of comunity service left." said the chief.  "What?!" said Jack. "Oh. Did I not mention." said the cheif. "He had to do community service for breaking into a bank so we said we would take him on the police force." "So those must have been his records." said Jack. "Dang it!" shouted Lysander.


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