Dementia can't stop love

When 14 year old Abby parents die in a car accident Abby grandmother Ella adopts her as her own daughter but then her grandmother has a accident and then she has dementia. Poor Abby feels so lost when her grandmother the only person she loves forgets who she is.


1. Introduction

I'm not trying to get you to feel pity for me because I don't want anyone's money or food. Now everyone probably thinks what special about me and I'll tell you nothing. I'm the same as everybody else no special nor different. Now I'm going to tell you my sad tale but its not a sad tale but a true story of a girl.

The girl's name was Abby West and she was an average 14 year old girl who lived with her parents and everything feel perfect for the girl but life is not perfect. Life is far from perfect and this girl's life changed when her parents died in a car accident poor Abby she was an orphan but luckily for her someone came to save her from the mess and that someone was her grandmother Ella  Abby loved her grandmother and she had a few happy months together and they bonded at sight. But life is not a fairytale and  soon her grandmother slipped and banged her head. Poor Abby had to go hospital again and she had to be brave and strong. Luckily her grandmother was al right and Abby was overjoyed but then her grandmother was tested for Dementia and was positive. Her grandmother who used to tuck her in bed and bake her blue berry muffins just sat there staring at the blue sky. But worst of all her grandmother forgot who Abby was she would forget what day it was and who everyone was. Whenever her grandmother looked at her like a stranger Abby would fill like a dagger in her heart and sometimes her grandmother would shout at Abby for no reasons. Poor Abby had to look after her grandmother but most of all it hurt when her grandmother didn't know who she was but she was strong cause Abby knew that Dementia couldn't stop love and she had to be strong because love killed all diseases. She knew that love will triumph again now your probably wondering who I am and what has this story got to do with anything but its not a story but a true story of a girl and for me well you've probably guessed but.

I am Abby West and this isn't a fairy tale but a true sad life story of mine.

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