Secret Adoption

My mum is evil.
My mum is unkind.
My mum is horrid.
My mum is bad.
She hates me and I hate her. When I was younger she killed my dad for no reason. I have always hated her though. My dad was my best friend who looked after me and made sure I was happy and told me it was going to be alright when my mum screamed at me.
However, one day she gave me tickets for a One Direction signing. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to go. I still hated her from the bottom of my heart though.
I wasn't a normal fan though, I was a fan with a plan.


5. Thank You

"So you fancy yourself as a little fan do you" Louis said as he handed the book back to Harvey.


"Yes, I love all of your music especially your one of your newest songs on your newest album, Take Me Home, Heart Attack"  

"I'm glad you do, it's always nice to meet guy directioners as there are hardly any of them out there" Louis said genuinely interested in what Harvey was saying to him.

Soon, after a little chat, he moved onto the people who were stood next to us. They were getting cross that they had to wait but we could care less about them. We exited the building and we walked to where our Mum had parked the car before we went in. When we got there we found out that she had left us on our own as there was an empty space where she should have been waiting. The car had gone and there was no sign of our so called 'Mum' after all. I kind of knew that she was going to do this because there was no other reason she would treat us like that. Harvey's eyes filled with water as he knew this would happen, well we both did.

We just didn't know when

But she had finally done the expected.

'Mum' had left us

We shuffled back into the busy room and called Niall over as he seemed to be the nicest to me. I didn't know what to do for the best. I was trying to be strong and not show my feelings for Harvey's sake but I wasn't sure I could do it for much longer. Niall showed a finger to us meaning 'I will be one minute'. He was true to his word as he appeared in front of us soon enough.

"What happened, do you need my help with anything" He questioned wondering what is so bad. He glanced down at Harvey who had tears running down his face.

"Our mum has just drove away without us and we have no where to go or anything"   Niall looked confused and he didn't know what to do but suddenly his eyes lit up and I could tell he had an idea. I hoped it was a good idea.

"Why don't you stay with us for a bit, then you can come and live with us so you can show your mum what she is missing out on." He stood in front of us waiting for an answer. Me and Harvey exchanged excited looks, he nodded at me and I gave an answer to him.

"We would love to" I smiled at him.   He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, he placed his arm around my shoulder and we walked back into the room with the others. They gave Niall a weird stare but he just carried on walking back to his seat.

We perched ourselves on the floor behind them but Louis suddenly produced two small deck chairs from the small room behind them. We sat on them while they carried on with the signing. I played a game on my iPod and Harvey watched me.

Soon enough it was over. We got bundled into the car with blankets, pillows and many other warm items to snuggle up to. In the car there were three rows of seats. Louis drove the car and Harry joined him in the front. Liam, Harvey and Zayn slept in the second row. That left Niall and I to sleep in the back. 

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