Secret Adoption

My mum is evil.
My mum is unkind.
My mum is horrid.
My mum is bad.
She hates me and I hate her. When I was younger she killed my dad for no reason. I have always hated her though. My dad was my best friend who looked after me and made sure I was happy and told me it was going to be alright when my mum screamed at me.
However, one day she gave me tickets for a One Direction signing. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to go. I still hated her from the bottom of my heart though.
I wasn't a normal fan though, I was a fan with a plan.


2. Present

"I have a present for you Izzy" Mum said as she sat down with her wine. I knew what she was doing, she was trying to sweeten me up again. She put on a sly smile, it was fake of course.
"Thank you Mum" I said hesitantly.

She dipped her hand into her posh bag and pulled out a little envelope 'Izzy' was written on it in curly handwriting. It wasn't her writing anyway...
Mum handed the little envelope to me. I began to open it, desperate to see what was inside. As the envelope dropped to the floor, there in my hands were One Direction tickets. I tried not to act happy.

"So, what do you think" She grinned at me
"Thank you Mum, Is there anything else you need doing" I questioned her as she looked around the room.
"Clean up the litter on the floor darling"

I did what she said, I picked up every little bit of paper and walked over to the bin, dropping them inside.

"Bye Mum" I began walking up the stairs with the tickets in my hand and I had a genius idea. As soon as I could I sat down infront of my laptop and searched many different topics on google. None of them came up with anything but when I searched one last one. It came up

"Printable Adoption Forms"

I smiled and I ran into Harvey's room and told him about my whole plan. He seemed pretty excited to. I clicked on the link to download it and before long it popped up on my screen. I pressed print an the little machine started to click and clunk. I printed off two forms.

This may change my life.... Forever
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