Secret Adoption

My mum is evil.
My mum is unkind.
My mum is horrid.
My mum is bad.
She hates me and I hate her. When I was younger she killed my dad for no reason. I have always hated her though. My dad was my best friend who looked after me and made sure I was happy and told me it was going to be alright when my mum screamed at me.
However, one day she gave me tickets for a One Direction signing. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to go. I still hated her from the bottom of my heart though.
I wasn't a normal fan though, I was a fan with a plan.


1. Me, Harvey and Steve

It was just another day in my house. Nothing special about it, nothing exciting happening. I  sat on my bed with my headphones in listening to One Direction's new song - 'Live While We're Young'. I had waited for ages to listen to it because I am a massive fan. I call myself a Directioner. At the moment it was quiet and peaceful in our house. My mum was at work but when she comes back it will be the same. Shouting at Harvey and I. Just so you know, Harvey is my younger brother, he is three years younger than me making him 11. He is my life, I live for him.

I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Izzy Scott, 14 years old. I live with my mum, my brother and my pet rabbit named Steve (named after my dad). Sometimes, I wish my mum didn't live with us because I hate her. I hate every single thing about her but most of all I hate what she did to us.

Do you know why? Do you want to know? Are you interested?

She murdered my dad. I have never been 'nice' to her ever since. I don't ever look her in the eye or give her a hug before school or eat the food she makes. She is pure evil in my eyes. My dad was perfect, he was generous  kind, loving all of the things my mum isn't. The worst part is my dad wasn't just my dad but he was my best friend as well. 

One night I was sat in my room with Harvey helping him with his homework when I heard shouting. This wasn't the only time because she was always fighting with Dad. I brushed it off and carried on explaining Harvey's homework when I heard my dads voice.

"Please don't, Please" I heard my dad say firmly before I heard him shout. It didn't sound angry but it sounded final. I rushed to the top of the stairs and tip-toed down them. When I reached the bottom I walked to the kitchen and saw my mum with a bloody knife in her hand and an evil grin on her face. I looked to the floor where my Dad lay dead on the floor. I ran back upstairs locking my bedroom door as I entered. I remember telling Harvey and seeing his red tear-stained face looking at mine. That broke my heart and I can never forgive my mum for that. Never. So that was how my dad got killed.

The next day, I told Harvey to try and act like we didn't know so we can see what she had to say for herself. All she said was he went to work and never came back. The night after I yelled at her telling her we knew all along what had happened. Her face was blank and all she did was walk out. She was gone for about a week. We didn't care though. We went to my best friends house and lived there. 

...And that is what happened to my dad.

"Back" My mum shouted grumpily as she walked through the front door. I let out a sigh before walking to the kitchen to pour her a glass of red wine. I have to do this everyday when she comes back from work or else there will be a punishment. I also have to hand her coat up, put her shoes on the shoe rack and cut her a piece of cake.

She begins to complain about her day at work. I have to sit and listen of course, of else there will be punishment...

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