Secret Adoption

My mum is evil.
My mum is unkind.
My mum is horrid.
My mum is bad.
She hates me and I hate her. When I was younger she killed my dad for no reason. I have always hated her though. My dad was my best friend who looked after me and made sure I was happy and told me it was going to be alright when my mum screamed at me.
However, one day she gave me tickets for a One Direction signing. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to go. I still hated her from the bottom of my heart though.
I wasn't a normal fan though, I was a fan with a plan.


4. Hello Boys

By now there was just one person infront of me and that was a crazy girl who wouldn't move. I was tempted to kick her along but I didn't. The security moved her along instead.

First up was Niall
"Howdy" He smiled and shook our hands.
"Can I have a hug" he gave me a hug but he wouldn't let go. I then felt a hand slip into my jeans and come out again. I will have a look later I thought to myself. We talked for a while but soon enough it was time to go.

Second was Harry,
"Hey people" He smiled at us
"Can you give me a hug please" I asked him politely. He did as I asked and kissed me on the hand but he didn't do it weirdly like Nialler did. When he kissed me on the hand, I don't know why but I think I felt my heart flutter a little bit

I talked to everyone of them and they were all very nice people but I was eager to talks to Louis. The oldest of the bunch and the leader. I started thinking about being a daughter of Louis. I mean what would it be like. Would I want to stay with them after a year? The questions all left my brain as Louis appeared in front of us.

"Hi" Both Harvey and I said to him nicely trying to win him over
"Hi there" He replied looking happy
I pushed my book over the counter and so did Harvey. This was the moment of truth. This could either go great or horribly wrong...
Without hesitation he quickly scribbled his name in the place we needed him to. Then he started to do Harvey's book, he looked at it a bit. He seemed confused. Suspicious nearly. I was scared.

What if he figured out our plan?
We would be in big trouble
What if he kicked us out?
Mum would kill us...
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