Love in the Shadows

Saskia is stuck in a love triangle, or should I say square?
With boys from One Direction!
How much cooler can her life get?!


2. Unlucky ~Part 1


Niall walked off and I headed out of the club. I heard deep footsteps behind me. I turn quickly to face, of course, Liam. He licked his lips and came close. Doesn’t he have a freaking girlfriend!!? He was now about 1 inch from kissing me. Once again, he has a freaking girlfriend!!? Probably 5 centimetres from me now. I had to stop this.

-“Liam, you have a girlfriend.”

-“I don’t care I need you. When I was holding you I felt sparks.”

-“Well I did too, but I can’t just let you kiss me when you are still in a relationship!”

-“No need to yell love, I’ll talk to her.”

-“You better.” I hesitantly stepped back from Liam. I wanted to kiss him I really did! But I just couldn’t let him get away with it that easy. Besides, I’m a hard to get girl. I smirked.


-“Liam call her! I’m just thinking…”


*Liam’s POV*


-“What?” Why did she smirk like that? Did she want me to do this? I think she likes me too. I can’t let Niall and Harry know about this. They will kill me!

-“Liam call her! I’m just thinking…”

I reached for my phone in my pocket of my dark blue skinny jeans. I went through the numbers in my contacts. Why on Earth do I not have Saskia’s!!? I found Danielle’s number and clicked the green button.


*Liam’s Phone Conversation*



-“Hey Dani it’s me, umm. We need to talk.”

-“Yeas what’s up baby?”

-“Well. I don’t feel it anymore.”

-“What do you mean?”

-“I mean we should move on, see new people.” I flinched when I hear her gasp on the other end of the call.

-“Liam why are we doing this over the phone!!?”

-“I can’t stand to see you mad Dani. Please just don’t make this hard for me!” I hang up fast.


∞Sorry this was a short chapter. Like, really short! I’ll make a Part 2 for this chapter. I don’t have anything against Dani and Liam this chapter with them is kind of revolving around the rumor of them splitting. But just a hint. Liam DOES find love in the end. At the end of every chapter I want to ask a question so I’ll start.  How old are you all? I’m 12, your turn!∞

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