Love in the Shadows

Saskia is stuck in a love triangle, or should I say square?
With boys from One Direction!
How much cooler can her life get?!


1. One Direction Infection


Forever Young, I wanna be forever young, do you really wanna live forever, forever, forever you-ng.” I finished singing holding my guitar in my hand, shaking. I looked deep into my audiences eyes. They all stood and started to cheer, clapping for me. Was I really that good? A young man at the back of the room, with glorious blue eyes and blonde hair wolf whistled to me, I’m guessing. I blushed lightly and watched him leave. I took a seat on my chair on the stage again, my audience sat as well. With drinks in their hands, some still clapping for me. I start to strum my guitar with my special pick, it had my name on it. Saskia Tempest, it also had a four leaf clover on it for the luck part of it…I started to sing More Than This by One Direction my favourite band! I would be so excited if I could see them! I swear to God I would literally freak!


I’m broken, do you hear me? I’m blinded, cos you are everything I see. I’m dancing, alone. I’m praying that your heart will just turn around!” I strummed for a bit and began to sing the next line.


After I finished the song I got another standing applause. I headed back stage to get my pay for entertaining the people at Club Zero. I practically worked here.  3 times a week. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m 19 so I don’t have school anymore! Yes! Timmy, my boss, was standing back stage at the best time possible. But talking to 5 boys, hang on. “Oh, my, god!” Woops, did I just say that out loud? One Direction were right there, in front of me, right now! “Umm, Sas I have your pay for the week, $450.” Timmy walked over to me and gave me the money. My eyes were still glued to the boys. Tim walked back to the boys and started talking to Louis and Zayn. Liam, Niall and Harry walked over to me. I was fan-girling inside I swear I almost died! “H-hi. I’m Saskia Rose Tempest.” I smiled and went to shake their hands. Liam and Niall shook my hand but Harry decided to hug me. I really needed to get over my dedicated fanning inside and calm it before I burst and they think I’m a freak.

-“Harry, I can’t breathe.”

-“Uh, sorry Saskia.”

-“It’s okay, um what are you guys doing here?”

-“Well we were walking by to get Niall. Then he told us about your singing. So we came in.”                            Liam explained everything perfectly. So it was Niall up the back, how come I didn’t recognize him?

-“You are a really good singer Saskia, and such a beautiful name!” Liam continued and winked at me. Umm, did he have like a crush on me? No. He probably doesn’t…Why am I thinking about this now? Sassy stop thinking to yourself!

-“Saskia can I ask you a question? Alone?” Niall sweetly asked me.

-“Yeah su-“ And I just had to be rudely interrupted by Curly…He had that look in his eyes saying ‘Back off’ and a little of jealousy…

-“Saskia what does your name mean? I haven’t  heard of it before.”

-“Well it means ‘protector of mankind’ so I’ve always believed I’ve got luck by my side wherever I go.”

-“That’s really sweet.” Liam and Niall were giving Harry death stares. I swear they all have like a crush on me or something..

-“Well Niall wanted to ask me something so, Niall?” I turned to walk off with Niall but then someone gripped my wrist tightly.

-“Shit Liam don’t do that! Just scare me half to death why don’t you!?”

-“Don’t leave.”

-“Okay seriously Liam I’ll be back in a sec, okay?” He nodded and hesitantly let go of my wrist letting me go off with Niall. I followed him and looked at my wrist. I panicked inside, my hand shaking only because Liam has a strong ass grip. Like fucking hell Liam. Niall looked at me, I could feel his eyes burning right through me.

-“Is your wrist okay? You got like a red line there.”

-“Yeah I’m fine. Liam has a really strong grip is all.” I smiled and we laughed a bit and we were now out of the other boys view.

-“Saskia, Liam and Harry have a crush on you. S-so do I.”

-“Woah, three of you? From One Direction? What!!”

-“Yeah. We are all gonna end up fighting over you I know it.” Niall walked off and I headed out of the club.

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