Love in the Shadows

Saskia is stuck in a love triangle, or should I say square?
With boys from One Direction!
How much cooler can her life get?!


4. I Only Want to Feel Safe!


Liam and Saskia follow me inside so I can give her a ride. Danielle had just stolen her AUDI. What a psycho. I had the same car as Saskia, so she might be able to drive. Maybe I’ll be able to fit in a talk with Niall and Liam. Louis, Zayn and Niall run up to us and start throwing questions at us. Like, ‘What was with all the yelling?’ ‘Why does Liam have lipstick on his face?’ ‘Saskia your hair is more tangled than what it was before.’ I bet she felt like the slut she was called by Danielle. I pushed the guys back so I could talk to Saskia alone. I could see tears forming in her eyes, it hurt me to see her tear up.

-“Sas are you okay?”

-“Yeah, I’m just starting to believe Dani. Maybe I am just a slut.”

-“Trust me your much better than that! You are nowhere near to being a slut. Your beautiful, honest. Your better than what Danielle could ever be.”


*Saskia’s POV*


I was overwhelmed, neither have I been told that. I felt really happy inside. There was no other way to thank him. I leaned in to kiss him; he obviously couldn’t wait, so he came in twice as fast. I let out a little gasp and he managed to slip his tongue into my mouth, our hands were both tangled in each other’s hair. Harry’s hair is so god damn curly! I finally pulled away when I thought it was getting a little too over control.

-“What is it Sas?”

-“I only kissed you to say thanks. I know you love me.”

-“You do? How!”

-“I shouldn’t tell you.”

-“Tell me!” This is where Harry got a little bit more violent. He grabbed the back of my neck and my waist. He pulled me close and started to kiss my neck. Trailing down to my collar bone, that was my sweet spot. So I let out a quiet moan. I moan of pleasure. It came out in the wrong tune. Now he knows my sweet spot. Fucking yay!

-“Okay stop!” I push him away.

-“Well it’s about time, and thanks for giving out your sweet spot.”

-“Oh shut up!” I was getting furious and just wanted to run to Liam.


-“Okay! It was Niall. He only wanted to give me a heads up. Please don’t start anything between him.”

-“That stu-“

-“Shut up! Just shut up shut up shut up! I don’t want anything to happen between you both okay!!?” My eyes grew blurry slowly filling with tears, I tried to hold them back but I guess it was too much. I started sobbing in front of Harry. That’s when I felt bad for crying in front of him. So I ran to Liam and hugged him. All the other boys saw I was crying and they soon surrounded me.

-“Saskia are you okay?”

-“No! I want to g-.”

-“What’s that?”

-“I want to, I-I okay. There is something I haven’t told you and all you guys. I work here so I can get some money to rent an apartment; I’m kind of failing so far. So basically I live nowhere, I have no car, and I have no friends.”

-“You can come stay with us, we have a spare room that we can fix up for you. Also, you have us. Isn’t that right guys?” I look over to them and they nod politely. I felt really happy now.


*Harry’s POV*


Saskia quickly ran away from me, eyes full of tears. I felt horrible, it hurt. I also began to tear up, but I wasn’t going to let the boys know that I was crying. I just walked to them so I could take her home.

-“Are you all ready?” All of them nod and we head outside to take Saskia home.

-“Saskia where do you live?”

-“Nowhere.” She started crying again and stuffed her face into my shoulder, I guess she trusts me again. This will be good.

-“Harry she is going to stay with us for a few months.”

-“Thanks Liam.” I lifted Saskia’s head off me with my finger under her chin. I kissed her on the nose and smirked a little. -“You’ll be okay, I’m sorry.”

I finally felt like I should give up with Saskia, I mean Liam has got her in a way. I feel like there could be more between me and Sas. All those other girls I dated, they all just grew away from me, like they hated me. I only want to feel safe! With Sas, I do.


I hope you liked this chapter! I worked really hard on it and now it's for a question! Where do you all live? I live in Australia, your turn! ♥ The link to what Saskia looks like is in the comments, I have 2 pictures of her. Thanks for reading!

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