Love in the Shadows

Saskia is stuck in a love triangle, or should I say square?
With boys from One Direction!
How much cooler can her life get?!


3. Feisty ~Part 2~


-“Just please don’t make this hard for me!” I wanted to get off the phone to Dani really badly. I knew she was going to come to our flat tonight. I could just feel it. I walked back to Saskia. But sitting next to Harry.

-“Hey man! Just talking to Sas, if I can call her that.” I have now officially missed my chance of a kiss with Saskia.


*Saskia’s POV*



-“Umm, Harry do you want to go back in? I’ll be there soon.”

-“Sure.” He smiles and pecks me on the cheek. I blushed hesitantly and looked back to Liam who looked like he just wanted to kill Harry. Watching him walk away. I stand up and stand in front of Liam. I wasn’t going to let Harry distract me now.

-“Did you break up?”

-“Yes. I told her that we should see other people. I wasn’t feeling it anymore.”

-“How long haven’t you been feeling it for?”

-“Does it matter?” He leaned in to kiss me. But I wasn’t up for it until I had an answer! I pushed him back lightly. Enough for him to just walk off.

-“For about a week, I’ve known about you Saskia. But I’ve never had the guts to call her. Until now.” He smiled and leaned in again.

-“I’m ready.” I smirked and our lips met. They fit like a puzzle. Maybe we were meant for each other. Sassy what are you thinking, it’s stupid!? He slowly pushed me against the wall behind me. I got my hands around the back of his neck. He got his hands tangled in my long, peachy blonde hair. Remember Sassy, you’re playing hard to get! Don’t let him have all of you yet! I began to get lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize Liam has had gripped my bum. I quickly flinch so that he would stop.

-“Umm, sorry. Wrong move Liam.”

-“Yeah, well you have another problem to deal with. Look behind you.”


*Liam’s POV*


What did Sas mean? I turn around and just as I suspected. I forgot I had told Dani where I was. She was standing right in front of us.

-“How long have you been there?”

-“Long enough.”

She looked furious, arms crossed. I started to shake as she walked towards me. I look at Saskia, she nods and winks. What for? She walks inbetween me and Danielle. She began to laugh histerically.

-“So you’re the famous Danielle?”

-“Yes, and you must be that whore who is kissing my boyfriend!” She looks at me with anger in her eyes. I needed to say something but what!!?

-“Saskia, she has this rule. She is never officially dumped unless it’s face to face,”

-“Well do what you gotta do.”

-“Danielle, I feel safe with Saskia. Plus you are always dancing. Always telling El your secrets, and I’m your boyfriend! Well I was. We are done!”


*Saskia’s POV*


-“We are done!” Liam kissed my cheek inbetween words. I could tell Dani just wanted to come up and punch me, I wasn’t that far off either. She coughed a few words under her breathe trying to make sure I would hear her.


-“Liam doesn’t deserve you. Your just a slut.” I’ve never been called that before. I could feel the anger building up inside of me. I ran up behind her and grabbed her shoulder. She spun round and I slapped her on the face. She let out a small ‘ugh’ and poked her tounge out at me. Holding her face in pain. She turned back and walked away. For good. I flipped her the finger, only because she wouldn’t see it.

-“Don’t come back! You only used Liam for his money!”

-“Saskia that was, wow. You really play hard to get well.” There is that beautiful husky voice again. -“Saskia weren’t you coming in? I mean, before Dani showed up?”

-“Yeah I’m not gonna be able to stay any longer Harry. I have to go.” I look around the car park to try and find my Black AUDI. -“What the fuck!!?” Danielle just hijacked my car!”

-“You can come with us Sas. Come inside.” I grab Liam’s hand and wink at him. We both walked inside and Liam brushed his shoulder across Harry’s. Harry let out a swift growl, this wasn’t going to be a good night.

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