Girl Hearts Boy: Kiss Me!

This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy competition. Its a continuation from the extract that was given on Movellas.
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1. Kiss me!


Ashley’s P.O.V

I watched as Sarah pushed thought the crowd of people and the mist of cigarette smoke. She’ll be okay; after all Joe will be with her. It’s amazing how she can wait for that one guy, and be committed. Me, I am the total opposite. I can never be committed; in fact I change boys like I change socks. People know me as the player.

I was knocked out of my thoughts with Will breathing hard on my neck. How did he get so close without even me realising? I need to step up my game; after all I was the one with the player reputation. I decided to play cheeky and hard to get. With that I pushed Will backwards, until he caught his balance again. Yep. This dude was drunk alright.

I looked him in the eyes. His dark brown eyes bore into mine. I could see nothing but lust, want and need. This made me shiver. I have never seen that many emotions in a man’s eyes before. Something was wrong. If not now, sooner or later there was going to be trouble. I knew it.

My eyes were so busy melting into his, that I didn’t realise he had gotten close to me once again. Will had me pressed up against the wall, and I could feel his heartbeat pump in time with mine. His cold breath ticked my neck. I tried pushing him of like before, but he didn’t budge. Man, this guy was strong. However I wasn’t the one to give up. I kept pushing and shoving, in hope to get him off me.

“The sooner you’ll stop pushing and shoving, the quicker I will let you go.” He spoke calmly. Was he kidding me? I stopped for a minute, my eyes pleading him to get of me. Instead his grip on my waist got tighter. So tight, I swear it could have left a bruise.

“What do you want?” I managed to gasp in pain. His mouth turned into a smirk. Oh no. This was bad, very bad.

“I want you…to kiss me.” He leaned in a whispered in my ear. Shivers ran down my spine, causing me to cringe at his words. This dude here was not going to ruin my hard to get slash player persona. It was time for my cheekiness to kick in.

“Well, Mr, Guess what? You can’t have me nor kiss me.” I said sticking out my tongue. Suddenly I saw his irises get darker and darker until they were fully black. His grip on my waist tighter even more, for a fact I knew I broke some bones. Well, I wasn’t expecting that. This dude was a total physco. No matter how cute he was.

On the spur of a moment, I felt myself being thrown over someone’s shoulder. Just then I absorbed the fact that Will was carrying me somewhere. Oh my god, this is not good. Where was Sarah when you needed her? She would have whooped his ass.

“PUT ME DOWN YOU BIG GOOF!” I shouted, while hitting his hard back with my fists. “PUT ME DOWN JERK!” I screamed. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I was thrown on the wet grass.

“That’s hurt.” I whimpered. No Ashley. You need to stay strong. No one plays about with you. No one. I got off the ground and dusted myself of. I looked around my surrounding. He brought me in his garden. It was dark and massive. All you could hear was the faint base of music from inside. We were alone. I took a deep breath and stood right in front of him. I had to strain my neck to look him in the eyes.

“What is your problem?” I said though gritted teeth. “You can’t just ask people to kiss you, and expect them to do it. Never mind that, you can’t just sling people over your shoulder and throw them on the floor, hard!” I spat in his face. I was about to tell him how much of a jerk his was but was stopped his warm lips crashing against mine.

Will’s body pressed up against mine, and shot sparks thought me, as our lips worked in sync. I felt warm and comforted, by is touch. He tugged on my lower lip asking for entrance, that was when I came back to reality. I pushed away panting. What was that?

I look towards him. He stood before me with an angry expression. Oh no. I made the big guy angry. This was so not good. I wiped the lips with my sleeve, pretending to gag. Walk away, my mind said. Maybe I should. After all I don’t want anything else happening. I turned, ready to walk away, only to be pulled back and slammed into a very hard chest.

“What the.” I shrieked rubbing my forehead. What was his problem? What did he want from me? Mainly, couldn’t he find any other girl to harass?

“Kiss me!” he growled, holding my wrists behind my back.

“Never!” I sneered back.

“I am giving you one last chance. KISS ME!” he said, his voice growing louder and louder with each word he said.

“Are you deaf or something, because I said NEVER!” I shouted the last part out, allowing some of my spits reach his face. If he thinks I will listen to some drunken physco, he had another thing coming. I tried the wriggled out of the grips he had on my wrists. How can I forget he was so strong? I gasped…

A sharp metal blade was resting against my neck. Woah! Where did that come from? I was scared now, beads of sweat formed on my upper lip and forehead. I would have never expected it to come to this.

“Please…” I whispered in fear. “Let me go.” I pleaded.

Will just pushed the blade harder into my skin. I winced in pain. “I gave you one chance and you blew it. Remember one thing, Will gets what he wants whenever he wants.” He smirked.

He pressed the blade deeper into my skin. I could feel my warn blood oozing out. I was growing weaker and weaker. My eyelids began to close, and I felt limp. Abruptly I heard a shriek, just as I fell to the ground.


It could have only been one person. My best friend, Sarah. 

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