Another World

Bree was abused her whole life by her step-father. Finally when he takes it to far she goes to live with her real father, where she meets a particular boy band. One of those boys happens to be her true love. Who will it be? Read to find out.


3. Why did I agree?

It has been four hours that I have been here and I haven't eaten anything since yesterday. Which is why I was glad  that my new sister Lottie came up and told me it was time for supper. I loved comparing her beautiful british voice with my plain american one.
I walk down stairs to see Lottie Georgia, Felicite, twins Daisy and Phoebe, Mark and five boys sitting at the table I knew the one with the brown hair was Louis. My "new half- brother" I sat inbetween Lottie and Mark; I am glad I didn't want to sit by Louis or any of his friends.

Louis sat at the end of the table the one with curly hair sat across from Lottie the one with Blond hair sat across from me scarfing down his food the one with really dark almost black hair sat across from mark looking in his spoon like  a  mirror and the one with light brown hair sat at the other end of the table, weirdly eating his soup with a fork.....

Even though I was so hungry I ended up not eating anything.

"Hello, I'm Liam." Said the boy with light brown hair. The blond one then said " And I am Niall." "And I'm  Zayn." Said the one with dark hair.  "And  I'm Harry." Said the curly haired boy while winking cheekily.
 I went upstairs hoping no one would follow but of course they did. -Knock Knock knock- " Who is it?" I yelled trying                          not to sound as annoyed as I really am. "Your future husband, Harry!" He yelled back. "Don't come in I am....uhhh...naked!" I lied   "Oh well me too." Harry replied. Harry then walked in and jumped on my bed  I was  using   all my strength trying not to show my pain. He pulled the covers off of me. "Dangit!! Guys she isn't really naked!!" he said sadly but jokingly.

"How would you like to come over to our flat and watch a movie tomorrow?" " Sure, whatever." I said. "Good see you tomorrow." 

Why did I agree to that? What is wrong with me? I already made the plans and I can't cancel now..I am so stupid.

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