Another World

Bree was abused her whole life by her step-father. Finally when he takes it to far she goes to live with her real father, where she meets a particular boy band. One of those boys happens to be her true love. Who will it be? Read to find out.


2. The new family

   Three days later

I was home alone. Packing my bags. I walked in the bathroom to look put my makeup on.. I scanned my face looking at the scars and recent bruises and cuts' each holding a memory of a beating. I quickly cover them with make up and I was on my way to the air port. I got in the car and speeded down to the airport just in time for my flight.

I was on the plane for what seemed like years but I feel asleep and befor I knew it I was woken up by, "We have arrived at London and would like for everyone to exit the plane in an orderly fashion I hope you enjoyed your ride, Thank you."


(Louis' POV)
I was just getting ready to leave with the boys to go to Nando's when my father, Mark, says, "Louis hold on I need to tell you something." "Yeah?" I say not expecting what he said next. "  "You  have a half sister and she is coming to live with us." "Well what do the girls think?" (The gurls referring to his sisters Charlotte (lottie), Georgia, Felicite, Twins-Daisy and Phoebe) " I told them this morning and they all seem excited to meet their new sister." He said with an expression on his face showing that he is uncomfortable. " Whatever tell me when she gets here."

(Bree's POV)
I walked out of the plane and saw a man and a small girl, who looked very familiar, holding up a sign with "BREE" on it.
I go over there and say nothing but "I'm Bree." Then followed them over to a big car and we drove to a large house. "Well you can take your brother Louis' old room or the guest room. Louis lives with his best friend Harry so it doesnt matter anyway.." Mark said as he helped me carry in my bags from the car.

"I will take the guest room." I said no other words and went upstairs to the guest room.

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