Another World

Bree was abused her whole life by her step-father. Finally when he takes it to far she goes to live with her real father, where she meets a particular boy band. One of those boys happens to be her true love. Who will it be? Read to find out.


6. The first date


I headed to the bathroom to take my shower, I walked in and started the shower. I was smiling so big knowing that I will be going on a date with Niall. Well at least I was smiling untilI I walked past the mirror and saw my reflection.
All of my bruises and scars, but the biggest cut on my body still remained on my back and side very seeable.. The cut from when my step-father threw me into a mirror almost ending my life.

I got in the shower and washed and conditioned my hair, and then I washed my body.  I got out wrapped myself in a towel and headed to my room I checked my phone and I had a text from Niall.

From: Nialler Horan <3
Hey, ready for tonight?  I miss you!! <33

To: Nialler Horan <3
Yes I am getting ready right now can't wait! I miss you too!! <33

I put my favorite bra and matching underwear on and then looked in my closet..I put on my favorite long sleeved shirt, even though it was 90 degress out I had to wear long sleeved shirts to cover my scars and cuts, I then put on my dark blue skinny jeans and texted Niall.

To: Nialler Horan <3
I'm ready!(: Come pick me up??

From: Nialler Horan <3
Be there in 10 min! :D

When Niall got there I was in the living room and I heard the doorbell.  I went to the door and before I could grab the handle Mark caught me, "Where are you going?" he asked.  "Uhh, on a date." I answered. "With who?" he said impatiently. "Umm, I am going with Niall...." I said "Oh ok, how long are you going to be gone?" "I am staying the night I'll uh be back tomorrow." "Bye"I continued and then i walked out the door.

"Uh..Hi." Niall said as I walked out the door. "Hi Niall" I said as we walked to the car. I got in and we drove to Niall's place.  We got there and Niall opened the door.  I stepped inside and .Niall said "what do you wanna watch?" "Uhh what do you have?" "Lets look."  "Uh how about Grease? It's my favorite movie." I said. "Really? me too! Lets watch it."

We put in the movie and popped popcorn.. When the movie was playing we just snuggled up on the couch.  "Can you pass the popcorn?" Niall whispered in my ear. "Here. And Niall we are not in a movie theater you don't have to whisper." I said while giggling a little bit. "Oh yeah I knew that." Niall said

He wrapped his arms around me and I just sat there and hugged him back.  Before we knew it we were sleeping.  Just like the night we watched a movie with the other boys we had fallen asleep in each others arms.  I woke up and I was still wrapped in Niall's arms. 

"Good morning, beautiful." Niall said with a smile.  "Good morning." I sleepily said back with a small smile.
"How did you sleep?"  Niall asked. "Good, I guess. I had a bad dream."  "What was it?" Niall asked with a worried look on his face. "That...That I lost you Niall." I said shyly.  "I am not leaving. Never ever ever. i promise." Niall replied back.

"Good...I love you."

(Niall's POV)
"I love you too." I said looking in her eyes.  "Now lets go get something to eat." I said with a smile.  We headed to the kitchen and Niall opened the fridge. "Get dressed...we have no food." I just smiled as he started acting like one of those people in an action movie. "It's Nandos time babeh!" And I ran out the door with Bree following me.

(Bree's POV)
We were in the car now and One Thing came on. I looked at Niall and smiled. "SO get out get out get out of my head and fall into my arms instead!" Niall sang to me. I just smiled and giggled. Until suddenly, "Hey guys don't be so loud." Said a very hungover Harry from the back seat. "Yeah we're sleeping back here!" Said an also very hungover Louis.
"What are you doing back there?!" I screamed. "Sleeping duhh, thats what I just said." replied Louis. "We'll just drop them off back home." Niall said. Now we have to bring Louis and Harry home! I wonder what happend last night. What will Harry's girlfriend think? Emmie is going to be ticked... I have to text her though

Ey! Harold and Lou got drunk last night and just woke up in the back of Niall's car! I thought I'd text you so you could go help Hazz with his extreme hangover. Love ya!

Omg. Lol. Okay I'll be over there soon. You better text Kaite...She might wanna know about this. Love ya too! TTYL!

Emmie is Harry's girlfriend. She is hilarious!

Hey Hey Hey! Just thought I'd let ya know that Lou and Hazz got drunk last night..Em is going over to help Harry I thought maybe you'd like to know cause you know how Lou and Harry get when they're drunk Lol!!! Love ya!

Okay.. Oh god I can only imagine. Lol See ya soon! Love ya!!

And Kaite is Louis girlfriend. She is so much fun to be with.

"They both said they are coming over to help them, they should be good for a few." I laughed.
"Okay, good." Niall said as we turned into nandos.  We sat down at a table and of course Niall ordered a ton of food! And suprisingly so did I! "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I said getting up and heading toward the bathroom. When I came back Niall looked worried.. "What's wrong??" I asked. "Nothing I just need to ask you something." "Sure what is it?"....He waited for a couple seconds..."How would you feel about making our relationship public to the fans and everyone." He said. "Sure I'd love to!" I said excitedly. "I'm just warning you, you might get hate and threats.." He said. "I'm fine!" "Okay! Come over here!!" He said almost more excited than I was! He took a picture of us and got on twitter. He sent the picture along with a tweet that said.

At Nando's with my new girlfriend!! Havin the time of my life! Love ya @Bree_Davinson!! My Princess! <3

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