Another World

Bree was abused her whole life by her step-father. Finally when he takes it to far she goes to live with her real father, where she meets a particular boy band. One of those boys happens to be her true love. Who will it be? Read to find out.


8. Birthday

"Mum...I to bring me..some diapers...."
"One this is Niall not your mum. Two...Harry..Why do you need diapers????"
"Because my head hurts to bad to get up and go to the bathroom."
"Hey Niall this is Zayn. Me and Julie came over to help them out. We don't need diapers..(Harry in the background) 'Yes we do' NO WE DON'T HARRY..Okay he dialed the wrong number, so I guess bye. Haha."
"Okay bye. If you need help call us!"
Oh yeah.. Julie is Zayn's girlfriend. She's really short, loves owls... Fun to be with.
When Niall took me back home Liam was there so he stayed..."Liam what are you here?" I asked "I was waiting for Louis. Do you know where he is?" "Oh yeah him and Hazz got drunk and are at their house.. He just called and asked for diapers a few minutes ago. Haha." "Okay. Thanks!" He said walking out the door.

"BREEEEEEEEEEE" Lottie came charging down the stairs. "WHAT WHAT WHAT???" "nothing I missed you!" she said. Niall laughed. "Well I'll see ya later babe." He said kissing me on the cheek. "Okay, bye!"  "Well I'm really tired Lottie I'm gonna get to bed. Okay?" I asked. "Okay, I bet you need rest after last night." She winked at me. "Don't be dirty we just watched movies!" I laughed.
"Okay! Whatever! Sleep tight!" She yelled as I ran up the stairs waving back at her.
*Next morning
I slowly opened my eyes. "GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL!!!" I looked up and Niall was standing over my bed...."Good morning, what are you doing here?" I said, my voice cracking..."Well..I just wanted to suprise you." "Suprise me for what?" I asked. "Your birthday!" He smiled at me. "How did you know? I didn't tell you." I said confused. "I looked at your phone and there was a message from someone saying Happy birthday."
"Ha. Okay then!" I said. I jumped out of bed and into Niall's arms. Literally. He was holding me.
"So what are we doing today?!" I said to Niall, me still in his arms. "It's a suprise." He said with a smirk.

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