Could it Be?

Pixie has had a harsh up bringing when she brakes who will be there to catch her? Could it really be them? Will she fall for him?


6. The Night

Pixies POV

We all settled in for bed, me on the couch and all the boys crashing in their rooms. Harry came out with a handful of blankets and pillows, he plonked them down at the end of the couch, "These are for you" he said. "Thank you Harry, very much appreciated" "It's fine love, are you sure you dont want to talk to me about whats happening, I swear on my life that I wont tell the other boys" Its really tempting I feel like I can't keep it from them forever, maybe if I told Harry it wouldnt hurt much, would it? "Uhh, its kind of a long story and I dont want to keep you up." "It's fine if you feel like talking about it I'm all ears babe." So I explained my whole story to him, he didnt have much to say apart from oh my gosh thats terrible, im so sorry. I managed to keep my tears back and finish my story, Harry asked if I would like him to stay out here for the night, I just replied with a "That is very kind of you".

Harrys POV

It was about midnight and I was just lying by the couch wide awake. I couldnt sleep not after what she had told me. I got snapped out of my thoughts with her screaming and sitting up quickly. I jumped to her side and held her close to me. I spoke soothing words as she sat and sobbed into my chest. I heard footsteps of the other boys running through the house panicking. They slowed as they came into the room and saw me and Pixie sitting on the couch, with me rubbing circles into her back.

Louis POV

I think I was the first of the boys to hear her scream and wake up, I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall followed by the other boys, but no Harry. I wondered where he was until I walked round the corner. He look distressed and I gave him a sincere look. He just mouthed "I'll explain later". She looked completly freaked out.

Nialls POV

Oh the poor girl, she looked freaked out. But still beautiful, I really needed to find out what was wrong with her earlier. I wonder if this is the same thing as before. I had a funny gut feeling that Harry knew more than what we knew.

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