Could it Be?

Pixie has had a harsh up bringing when she brakes who will be there to catch her? Could it really be them? Will she fall for him?


4. The News

Pixies POV
I sat there gobsmacked that I am still sitting in the same room as one direction. We had an idle chat going on, the TV was on in the background. The boys were laughing as per usual, I guess they were doing a twitcam as they were laughing at some of the comments, I was on my iPhone and I then saw the news headlines. My face dropped and I gasped, the boys stopped what they were doing and I burst into tears. They said goodbye to their fans and turned off the laptop quickly and rushed to my side, I was shaking and crying. None of them knew what to do to help me, they were asking me why and what happened and when I didn't reply they started panicking, I guess because they thought that they may have done it.

Liam's POV
We were just doing a twitcam when she burst into tears, the fans were asking if we had seen this girl who had gone missing from London, but we had no clue who she was. We were asking her what was up and she didn't reply she just sat there sobbing with her hands on her face. It made us worry, had we done something to upset her, had it been because we weren't talking to her and we were doing a twitcam.

Harry's POV
I didn't like to see her upset, not one bit, her make up was running down her cheeks and I just wanted to hug her. Just stop her from being upset, none of the boys liked to see anyone cry, especially not one of their fans. I touched her hand and she pulled it back quickly to get it away from me. I felt a wave of sadness travel through me, I guess the look showed on my face because Louis out his hand around me and said "don't let it get to you mate." "Thanks Boo Bear" I replied. By now she had stopped crying and was just sobbing into her hands.

Pixies POV
I knew I should have fought to keep it back, keep my tears in like I did when Cyril (my stupid father) bet me that one last time. I guess I just panicked when I saw that he was looking for me, the fact that my own photo was on the news, and also that he had the guts to go to the police and actually say that I was missing and that I ran away. Great now I had all of the boys surroundings me, this is so what I didn't want, I didn't really want to tell them because I didn't know if I could really trust them yet. I just covered my face and cried into my hands I sobbed and I really didn't want to be here in front of the most famous band in the world and crying my eyes out. It was so embarrassing to be crying in front of them. Harry touched my hand and I pulled away, but regretted it instantly, I guess all he wanted to do was comfort me but after the past two years I guess you can't blame me can you?
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