Could it Be?

Pixie has had a harsh up bringing when she brakes who will be there to catch her? Could it really be them? Will she fall for him?


1. Family

*Authors Note*

This is my very first fanfic so any comments good and bad would be highly appreciated :) 


Pixie's POV

"Pixie! Get your ass down here right this instant" Oh my god, not again, I don't think that I can take this anymore, he scares me so much. My own dad scares me. Ever since mum and Luke passed away 2 years ago he has beaten me and I havent told anyone, I feel like I cant, I cant trust anyone, not anymore. "Now!! I'm not waiting any longer! You are going to get it worse this time, you didnt come and see me" I am hiding, my escape is music, so I put in my headphones and listened to my favourite band, One Direction, their music is my escape.I am hiding under my bed childish but i have containers on either side of me.

 Oh my gosh he has found me. "You miss, are the most disrespectful child, I don't know why we didn't put you up for adoption" He clenched his fist and hit me straight in the cheek. The pain was terrible but this time I have had it with this, I am fed up of this. I spat the words in his face, "why couldnt you have died and not Luke and Mum, they didn't deserve it but you sure as hell did!" He hit me again this time in my gut, but I tried not to cry, I wasn't going to give in and break down into tears like he wanted me too. No not this time.

He hit me again this time in my face, I could taste blood in my mouth. One tear escaped but no more, he hit me once more causing my nose to gush with blood and the pain shot through my body like an electric shock and he threw me against the wooden bed, I started to cry. "I hate you, i wish you could have died and not your amazing, perfect brother, you are a mutt" He spat the words in my face and stormed out of my room.

Thank god that was over, I need to get out of this house, i need to get as far away from here as possible. I remember mum hiding some cash under my matress for emergencies, and I am going to use it to get as far away from here as possible. I heard him cursing down stairs so I took the chance to grab my 'Safety Bag' as I called it, which consisted of some food which i replaced often, a bottle of water, some clothes and my pijamas.

I grabbed this and I went to go out the door, but I soon realized that I couldnt get out without him seeing me, other than jumping out of my two story window. I am going to jump out of this window, I tell myself this drop isnt going to stop me. I need to escape.


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