Could it Be?

Pixie has had a harsh up bringing when she brakes who will be there to catch her? Could it really be them? Will she fall for him?


2. Escape?

I jumped. As I landed I heard a crack and felt my leg go numb. This can't be good. "PIXIE", I heard him scream, Oh my gosh, he is coming! I need to move but the pain in my leg was crippiling. I had to keep going. I ran, well limped, as fast as I could, until i got out of his sight. I ran into a park that was kilometers away and just collapsed onto the grass. After a long while I opened my little bag and took a swig of my water, and scoffed down some food. I have no where to go now, I am homeless, my nose is sore, and on top of this my leg is killing me. I had completly forgotten about my nose and cheek. I think i will need to make my way to the doctors tomorrow but tonight i will find some shelter in the playground its almost nightfall, its cooling down so I am hoping it shouldnt get too much cooler. I don't know where to go but I think I will get on a train in the city in London and travel to Bradford, because i cant hang around here, not with him out, and who knows if he is looking for me. I drag myself to the tunnel at the playground and settle in there for the rest of the night. I woke up in the middle of the night in agony from my leg, its now purple and blue and my nose aches. I will head to the doctors which is just down the road and get them to check out my nose.

At the doctors

I managed to get myself to my doctors and I am now in the waiting room to see an emergency doctor. This is the first time I have managed to have time to think. I guess you have worked out my situation, basically I am injured and stranded with no one to go to. My name is Pixie I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I am quite short and I have a small figure. My mother and older brother Luke were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver who swerved on their side of the road. Since their death my dad was been beating me, I dont really have any friends at school. I am 18 and have just finished my exams so I am now free and ready to get a job. I am totally in love with the boy band One Direction, their music is my escape at home because of my father and I dream of seeing them live one day. "Pixie would you like to make your way through" the doctor called. I managed to hoble down the hallway and into the room. The doctor took one look at my leg and stared at it in disbelieve. "How long has it been like this Pixie?" the young man asked, I said just last night, he had to ask the one question that would set me off didnt he. "How did you do that?" this one question brought me to tears. He asked again and said that I could trust him, I opened up to him i didnt want to but I needed him to help me. This is the first time I have ever told anyone and it hurt me every word I said to him, but he was very understanding. It turns out I have broken my ankle in two places and also my shin in just one place. My nose is just bruised and i am on crutches and have a cast all the way to the top of my thigh. The doctor sent me on my way and I got a taxi to the train station. I brought a ticket to Bradford and I was watching the world go by. My train arrived and I crutched my way on and into my seat, it was by the window so it was nice to look at the scenery. I hopped my way off the train and sat at the station with no where to go.

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